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Hello magnanimous, vibrant, creative force of nature!

Do any of those words make you feel uncomfortable? Then you're in the right place.

And I hear you. My own adventures in healing seem to converge around times where I was shrinking back from my abilities and suffering with seemingly mysterious health challenges. Each phase of healing brought me to a new level of expressing my inner gifts- in some cases, it was do or die! My health had gotten to such a dismal place at one point that I was brought literally to a dead-end. I had a choice though, and it was either I would continue to suffer or walk through the door where I would step into my purpose and gifts. I eventually chose the latter and my health improved in ways I could not imagine. I got to see that one's life purpose and one's health are deeply intertwined so that if one's health suffered, so too would one's energy and drive for one's purpose.

My mission is to empower multi-talented women to fully step into the richness of their abilities and to be fully supported as they claim their vibrant, vital health.

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Why Soul-Level Healing?


Align your life to your soul's highest purpose and your satisfaction soars!


There's no better feeling than understanding and making the best use of your precious talents.


Move past age-old habits and beliefs that are undermining your body and health.


Time-Out! You've worked hard, it's time to rejuvenate with the fountain of life- your soul.

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Sign up here. MASTER THE FASTEST PATH TO UNLOCKING YOUR HIDDEN TALENTS WITHOUT FEELING UNGROUNDED using the Four-Fold Chakra Framework What You'll Discover On this Live Webinar: *How to identify your natural points of resistance to...

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