Month: June 2013

Feeling like one wrong step will put your health in limbo? Here are 3 tips to bring your body quickly into balance.

As above, so below. As we celebrate the natural midpoint of the year, depending on how sensitive we are, we may be feeling a wide range of things. These feelings may be directly related to the shifts that are taking place- Sun into the Sign of Cancer, the Solstice, Jupiter making a turn from Gemini […]

Having little or no success in your healing? Here is one secret that can bring you results instantly.

You’re trying hard, really hard. You may be running around in circles to doctors, pharmacists, naturopaths, coaches, healers and swimming in a sea of different opinions. You believe you’re giving your health your best shot with the limited time on your hands and limited energy. But what happens when there are mixed opinions from authorities […]

Are your words falling flat? Here’s a two-step process to weigh your words.

Of course, you must know who wrote Hamlet. The literary genius who stood his ground whilst the world waged wars is still as alive today. Here is a quip from the brilliant William Shakespeare: “My words fly up, my thoughts remain below.  Words without thoughts never to heaven go.”  – Claudius in Hamlet   What is Claudius saying to Hamlet […]

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