Month: October 2017

5 Nightmares that people have when aligning with their Soul’s Highest Purpose

5 Nightmares that people have when it comes to aligning with their Soul’s Highest Purpose: (1) Being caught red-handed at a crossroads, with no clue where to go next and no clear sign to help you take that next step. (2) Just getting ready to take THAT big leap but cowering from the avalanche of […]

3 Steps to Unleash Your Brilliance on an Uncertain Path with Grace

There is so much uncertainty and chaos in the world today. Even more and more dark secrets are emerging and you may be left unsure who to trust and even if what you’re doing is worth it or something you can rely on in these changing times. When jobs are uncertain and massive change is […]

The secret you need to know to uncover your soul’s purpose (with Goddess Athena)

Ever wondered if you are truly living your purpose, you know- according to that map you agreed to when you were born. Are you serving the world the way you can (and you know, the world can do with all your help right now)? Are you attracting the life you are meant to have– the […]

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