Another year has begun, fresh with opportunity!

Are you secretly hoping that THIS IS THE ONE 

-this is the year those big visions and dreams start taking off?

Or are you starting to feel those  sinking feelings again that….maybe it won’t happen again as you dreamt, that your passions, ideas and the work you want to do in your heart of hearts would fade away.

And all those soul clients and impact you can make…

That all of that was just wishful thinking anyway 

Because life is going to happen and take back all those grand plans no matter what you do

(Cue the sound of fears torpedoing in, drowning everything out)

it doesn’t have to be this way…AGAIN

Your dreams matter

Your vision and purpose matters

Your heart definitely matters

And at the start of the year, now is your opportunity to turn a new page

And write a new story

One of resounding success

One where your heart is overflowing with joy because you are living your dreams, revelling in your passions and serving magnificently with your gifts


Hi, I’m Sasha Niala, Spiritual Business Coach and Intuitive Healer at your service.

I know the pain and struggles that come with having these grand ideas of how you can change the world around you but not enough room, motivation or energy to follow through.

Several years back, I became so disconnected from my big passion of natural medicine while also trying to find my balance in a challenging situation that left me feeling exhausted.

My big business dreams were overshadowed by non-stop what-ifs and fears and I found myself sinking deep into apathy and frustration.

I had lost my drive to do the work I so loved.


Until that special day came when I reconnected with my purpose and vision again. 

Suddenly, everything clicked into place and within days, I was back on track, and excited that I was getting booked up with my soul clients after months of quiet.

I’m here to tell you anything is possible, and this is especially true for your dreams!

So If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stuck and missing that buzz of excitement in your business at the start of the new year, it’s the perfect time to write a fresh story…


    and every great story starts with two things...

1. A vision 

2. A plan or roadmap to get there

Without a vision, you have no ‘star’ to hitch your wagon to.
You may be going with the flow but it’s still important to know which flow you’re going along with…so you don’t get lost at sea, tossed about by the waves of life. With a destination in mind, your path itself becomes clearer as you are indicating to the Universe clearly in which direction you are heading.
And when your destination is linked to your higher purpose and vision, your path becomes more fulfilling, fun and more open for the Universe to step in and help.

And we can all do with more ease, right?

If you don’t know where you’re going, any path will do’ ~ The Cheshire Cat

If you want to make 2024 one of soul-satisfying biz success, that’s what you must align with…and chart the course to suit.

‘Without goals and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination’ ~ Fitzhugh

how do you do that exactly?

Glad you asked 🙂

For this is exactly what we will be covering in the 2024 Dreams Come True Playshop.



It’s time to dust off the cobwebs and remnants still lying around from last year and clear a fresh, space for the new year!
Nature abhors a vacuum and we want to ensure what gets filled into your business is the premium fuel for soul-satisfying success.

At the end of this Step, you’ll feel lighter and brighter, and truly like a grand hostess for 2024.


It’s time to unpack the magic of 2024 and what vision is truly aligned with you now as you step fully into the new year. Where are you heading over the next year? 

At the end of this Step, you’ll feel aligned with your business mission and vision and get clarity on what that looks like exactly over the coming months. Vision board fun included.


We have the vision and your destination in mind. Now it’s time to chart our course there. What are the specific goals and milestones along the way that will signal that you are moving forward? 

At the end of this Step, you’ll get clarity on what exactly you’d truly like to accomplish in the first quarter with an action plan to make it all happen, with a touch of magic and ladles of ease.

Sasha's guidance was exactly what I needed. For the past 2 weeks I’ve intensely worked to build my business and felt like it wasn’t working. She was dead on with my present situation and the healing she recommended. Her guidance really put me at ease and for the first time in a long time, I’ve been able to focus and more productive. I even landed a new client! My world has shifted. Thank you!
Monique Welch
I had a session with Sasha recently. This woman is so seriously talented. She gave me a beautiful reading to start the session around an issue I was dealing with. She delivered the exact words I needed to hear to allow me to move forward. Sasha has a beautiful calm energy and this reflected in the healing we did at the end. I would highly highly recommend Sasha, for her talent is amazing.
Jeanette Ardika
Wellness Practitioner
Sasha has a very powerful gift. She truly saw and understood me and knew so many detailed things about myself-like my strengths and current situation - that not even the people closest to me know. Her words made me feel accepted, known, and loved. Her guidance was extremely thorough and detailed, yet it still gave me room to be inspired and awakened so that I could take the information and continue to forge my own path.
Lindsay Maxfield
Intuitive Healer
Thank you Sasha for bringing me closer to my highest version of self, closer into alignment with my soul purpose, and closer to the core of my business mission. I give thanks for the chance to work with you! I feel like a whole new business owner compared to the start of the course.
Dante Rose Herin
Yoga Teacher, Founder at KarmicWares
I worked with Sasha when I felt stuck in my business. I liked her approach as its intuitive yet practical. We worked on shifting the energy around the business and it worked! I started to flourish again..if you require some guidance with business knowledge and intuition I would definitely recommend Sasha!
Sneha Ramji
Reiki Master, Spiritual Coach
Just wanted to share great news with you. I have bagged some good paid content writing projects. I feel very good about myself. I sincerely thank you for the Akashic clearing. It sure is paving the way forward for me. This work suits me.
And life is shining up.
Nimita Simran

You’ll leave the Playshop with:

  • – Release from 2023 biz baggage and along with it, fears, doubts and outdated beliefs that are no longer welcome in this 2024 energy
  • – Crystal-clear clarity on what you TRULY desire to achieve this year in business
  • – Renewed confidence and alignment with your purpose and mission as it relates to your work
  • – ALIGNED goals that you can get behind passionately for the first quarter of 2024
  • – Motivation and clearer direction for your next steps forward for more income, impact, joy and fulfilment
  • – 

And the BEST part of all this?

It’s 100% FREE to join!

No strings attached.

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