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Sasha Niala

Soul Alignment Guide

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  1. Discover how to know when you are NOT aligned and what to do about it so it doesn't continue to draw you away from your path.
  2. Prepare for the journey up the Alignment Mountain with a ritual of remembrance!
  3. Begin the glorious ascent up where you refresh your energy, rediscover your gifts and feel more supported and steady in your purpose again. Meet a guide at each turn.
  4. Discover what blocks may be stopping you from aligning with your highest purpose and energy and reaching the top of Alignment Mountain! Get support to move past them.
  5. Pick up points and other artefacts along the way to reflect your efforts. You get a chance to score a seat in the upcoming Chakra Treasure Quest course!

Get more energy, clarity and confidence as you move forward with 

greater purpose, passion and remembrance of you and your path!

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