About me

You want to be so confident with your divine gifts, that you don't question their worth (and neither do your clients).

You are ready to step into your big soul shoes and commit your heart to your soul's mission and highest path of service.

You have so much to offer the world, Dear Soul.

The problem is that right now...you are running around in different directions but getting not much closer to your dreams.

You can't help but feel you are not living up to your potential.

Whether you are uncovering the magic of your soul gifts and your purpose, figuring out how to make best use of your abilities in your business or doing your best to stay on track with your highest and deepest soul vision, I can help.

My name is Sasha Niala and I am a creative healer who provides intuitive guidance and healing especially for women solopreneurs who desire to live the full breadth of their soul's purpose.

Some years back, I was caught at a crossroads when I was about to commit myself to 5 years and a lifetime as a medical doctor. My heart was torn and no matter how hard I tried to appease it, it was not happy when I took a step in that direction

At the peak of despair, I booked a Soul Reading, my first ever. It was this that brought to my attention the real power within me. Armed with this memory of my gifts and soul's bio, I changed my direction and launched into a testing but fulfilling path, where I was using more of my gifts in higher service.  Some years later, I revived myself when doctors had failed me by harnessing the power within my gifts. This also helped me to align with my soul's purpose and restored my resolve to fight for life. 

Since then, I've received many more readings and healings but also returned the love in guiding thousands of women along their path. I know the potential that is mostly unrealised within us when it comes to not only our purpose and our healing

If you were to work with me, you'd leave a session with lightness in your heart, clarity and a renewal of fiery passion in the light of all the possibilities on your path. I use colour, images, sights and sounds to give you a more intimate experience with the spiritual world. I often use tools such as oracle cards and astrology.

Even though there are serious topics involved that have far-reaching effects on your life, it doesn't mean the journey of healing and re-discovering yourself can't also be fun! (That's where I come along).

I'm ready to help you unpack your magic and offer ​your sparkling brilliance to the world!

Find out more about my services.

Hi, I’m Sasha

I firmly believe that you can regenerate every aspect of your life. Scientists are hard at work on cellular regeneration and defying the aging process from the cell level. I love science…but we can do better than that even now. You and every person on this planet has a soul that is rooting for you to unleash your divine talents to the world, heal from chronic illness and find truly loving relationships in your life. Why not give it some credit for being the manager of the show?

Facts About Me

  • I had three NDEs before the age of 10
  • I used to see and hear ‘the other side’ from an early age but blocked it off
  • I was frequently misdiagnosed for major illnesses, which left me to decide how to go about healing myself. My case was given up on many a time.
  • I spontaneously began painting in a more soulful, colourful, ‘free’ style following a series of traumatic health experiences. This style is heavily influenced by nature and contain intuitive messages for the subject- be it an event, person or relationship.
  • I suffered painful side effects of medications as a child that gave me PTSD against drugs (no kidding) and saw me doing (the then unpopular) yoga and researching natural therapies at age 13.
  • I love web designing, particularly old-school HTML (I did this site 🙂 )
  • I love colour and play. You will have every ounce of my attention if you mention fairies, pixies, unicorns and rainbows!


Various energy healing therapies, Foundational Astrologer, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (offline), Visionary Soul Artist (I envision the most soul-enriching path in my art), Upcoming Author, Creator of Soul Oracle Card Decks- Astro Soul Oracle, and more in the works!, Intuitive Reader

Your turn!

So, what about you? Are you ready to breathe new life into the dis-ease and dis-harmony you may be feeling in your body? Book a Complimentary 20 min Discovery Call to see if we can get the ball rolling and accelerating together into positive health together. A world of increased energy, vitality and the freedom that comes from living on your own terms awaits you!
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