About me

Hi, I’m Sasha. I’m seriously passionate about making healing enjoyable again while creating the space for massive shifts!

Maybe you, like me in the not so distant past, have been running around in circles trying to make head to tails of what’s really going on with your health. That breakthrough seems to just keep missing you. The game gets tiring after a while, doesn’t it?

In my past, there have been times where doctors either misdiagnosed or gave up on me. In some ways, that was a blessing in disguise. It lead me to uncover so much about myself and learn all about the vast resources of healing tools and wisdom that are already available!

Like how I am a Virgo with my sun smack in the sixth house of health. I can’t be too long away from the subject of healing. 🙂

What helped me most during my health crises was to reignite my old passions, formerly called ‘hobbies’. I knew this instinctively when I was camped out on the hospital bed in my younger days. I discovered that drawing was a secretly effective way to speed up time in those painstakingly slow hours. So many years later, it wasn’t as easy to remember that these talents were an expression of the inner me and one that WAS ALSO EVOLVING as I grew. I didn’t quite understood this until I started painting. My spirit and hope became alive again. New energy surged through my veins and I reawakened a passion for art that I didn’t know I had! I also uncovered other abilities in the process. It was the best reunion ever. I re-discovered myself in the noise and chaos of medical opinions, judgements as a result of trauma and invisible pain.

And my health suddenly was able to reach new heights. I had much more energy and that feeling of get up and go returned.  My body literally became strong again to do this exciting, new work! It was like the dimmer switch was turned off and the light within me was radiating now for real. A ceiling was lifted and healing happened more naturally and often, miraculously. So that I could quickly get back to business with living life and achieving my goals.

Since that time, I have done commissioned soul portraits, created oracle card decks, done intuitive readings for thousands of people and facilitated many healing sessions – spiritual and natural-based. I am a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine in the offline world and I thoroughly enjoy working with patients and helping them feel empowered, strong and abundant with life again.

My clients have achieved clarity and direction on where they can make the most bang for their buck with their talents, breakthroughs that allow their talents to grow and glow in the world with the right action, and shifts in all aspects of their health that are clearly visible physically.  

So..are you ready to get real results with your health from the ground up, and tune-up your body’s engine? What if you could also have a really grand time getting there as you unlock and unleash your talents?

(I think that’s what they call a Double Whammy 😉 )

I’d love to hear from you! What can I help you with? Contact me here.