Author: Sasha

Full Moon in Sagittarius Oracle Forecast ~ Take Your Best Shot

Today’s Full Moon in Sagittarius brings an electric buzz in the air. We are blessed with a greater drive to dream big and take the leap to our dreams on the horizon. Still, we are called back to the present and the work at hand to accomplish those big goals. The result is amazing vision […]

Collective Dreaming under the New Moon in Pisces

The New Moon in Pisces energies direct us to turn to the collective spiritual vision. Physical symptoms include ungroundedness. There may be confusion and dreaminess due to the Pisces influence and even a grogginess and overall, just wanting to lay low. This New Moon brings forward this question: Where can we reach out and strengthen […]

The Three types of Spiritual Readers

As a seeker of truth, I have also sought the advice and guidance of many different spiritual readers and healers.   I can define three categories of readers from my encounters and second-hand experiences:   The first group I’ve experienced are those so-called ‘fake’ readers who are doing this work for all the wrong reasons. […]

10-10 and New Moon in Libra Update

10-10 Energies are streaming in!   Here’s a sneak peek into the full video forecast (see below).   Venus/Scorpio ~ the deep work around balance in relationships continues!Lunar Eclipse ~ major themes of letting go and closing doors to past commitments that no longer work for your heart.North Node-> Meteor Shower ~ this is the […]

Connecting with your Crown Chakra: The Secret to Surrendering to your Soul Purpose

It’s no secret that the crown chakra allows you to receive what is termed in the spiritual community as ‘downloads’ and energetic upgrades. It is the point of contact between the high frequency cosmic energies and the human body, sitting at the vertex of the head. When one’s crown chakra is open, that feeling of […]


Psychic- the world alone is shrouded in great mystery and conjures up an image of one who wields supernatural powers to ‘see’ into the world of predictions that come true. This person has a third eye that beams like a beacon, lighting up the dark corners and hidden recesses of the unseen worlds – across […]

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