How one Painting Can Bring you Back to Life

Center yourself Take a deep breath — inhale for 3 counts and exhale for 3 counts. Repeat 5 times. Look at the painting below for 60 seconds. REALLY Look. Look at the symbol and imagine yourself in the scene if you can. How do you feel? Note this feeling. Give yourself a few more moments […]

How to get what you truly deserve in life

Happy Full Moon in Scorpio! The message from the Astro Soul Oracle card deck is taken from the House of Secrets:   At this Scorpio Full Moon, the message here is about taking a good long look (with telescope lens or magnifying glass if needed) at the things you have buried from your past. These may […]

How to Call in Love on Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! If we were to go in a time machine back to the many origins of this day, we will see that it started as a symbol. Indeed, that’s what all days are- symbols. ‘Be my Valentine’ was a symbol of undying love- something we often crave in the outside world. Valentine’s day […]

Is there a method to your madness?

You like it when you actually get things you want to do done, right? You may have been going through a dry spell, and not feeling all that inspired to work when as if by magic, a rush of inspired energy fills your body and your hands and feet are eager to get going. And […]

The Libran New Moon and Why it’s not all about Astrology

It is that time again. The Sun and Moon are in Libra, the planet of balance and harmony. Libra is a masculine sign with a feminine character, also indicative of balancing our male and female aspects within. But what does that really mean? And what do we look like when we come into harmony with […]

Got Synchronicities? Here’s how you get more…

Synchronicities are the little magical sparks that can add colour and meaning to life. In essence, synchronicities are a result of living life with meaning and aligned with yourself and all of life at large- the bigger picture. The number of synchronicities or meaningful coincidences may be related to a wide range of things such […]

How to hold the dogs of karma at bay

What if the things you thought you couldn’t change, you could. What if one of these things were karma. What we have learnt Karma is something that has been replayed in our minds over and over.  We did something good, so something good is due to us. We did something bad, so something bad is […]

The most golden recipe…especially for women

I’m sure you have heard about the health benefits of turmeric. You can essentially call it the multi-purpose spice – it nourishes the body on many levels in a very soothing, warming, comforting way. It is particularly beneficial in cooler and colder weather to warm the body. It is also a great cleanser as our […]

Three ways you may be dimming your light and how you can switch it on again

Picture yourself as a lightbulb. You’re luminous, bright and bold. You simply glow with your optimal power. You radiate warmth and light. But time passes and your light starts getting darker- way before your time. You get short-circuited You give your precious light away to others who are seeking the warmth you exude. Your light […]

Feeling like one wrong step will put your health in limbo? Here are 3 tips to bring your body quickly into balance.

As above, so below. As we celebrate the natural midpoint of the year, depending on how sensitive we are, we may be feeling a wide range of things. These feelings may be directly related to the shifts that are taking place- Sun into the Sign of Cancer, the Solstice, Jupiter making a turn from Gemini […]