3 Easy Steps to Be Your Own Psychic

Remember the days when we used to seek out the nearest psychic or healer deep in the heart of the unknown forest. You probably may not remember as it’s been several eons ago but today there are still psychics and healers to help guide and support along the path of life. They are more readily […]

Harvesting Peace at the Full Moon in Pisces

Happy Full Moon in Pisces!(This is the written version of the video reading) The Astro Soul Oracle reading brings you a snapshot into the energies of the time. It works with the stars and planets in a dynamic, co-creative manner and looks at the Past-Present-Future and a healing timeline as well. The current energies are […]

3 Ways to add Colour and Sparkle to your life (featuring the Feng Shui Angel)

Happy September!. T’is the traditional month of Harvest-time and of cleaning up (all September babies will know what I mean!). What do you do though when you have cleaned up your space and feel like it’s just about a blank slate. This could be especially so if you’ve just moved to a new place or […]

How the Cosmos is helping you to Reinvent your Life Right Now

When we are in a state of transformation, we often do not realise it until long after- after the anguish, the tears, the pain and the frustrations of running round in circles or feeling like there is no way out of the misery. As the Sun leaves Leo and moves into Virgo, it may seem […]

How to Receive Blessings Meant for You

Happy Super Full Moon in Aquarius! There is much talk about receiving the good that is meant for you. My question to you is: Are you taking in the gifts and abundance all around you? Quite likely you are not. If you were receiving your blessings, along with every other person on this planet, we would […]

The Story of the Man Who Saved the World

It was approaching 5am in the dark teal hues of the early morning. Mr. E couldn’t wait to get the day rolling as he was buzzing with things to do. 24 hours, make that 172800 seconds to do it all. Let the games begin, he thought to himself. He had already decided on what costume […]

How one Painting Can Bring you Back to Life

Center yourself Take a deep breath — inhale for 3 counts and exhale for 3 counts. Repeat 5 times. Look at the painting below for 60 seconds. REALLY Look. Look at the symbol and imagine yourself in the scene if you can. How do you feel? Note this feeling. Give yourself a few more moments […]

How to get what you truly deserve in life

Happy Full Moon in Scorpio! The message from the Astro Soul Oracle card deck is taken from the House of Secrets:   At this Scorpio Full Moon, the message here is about taking a good long look (with telescope lens or magnifying glass if needed) at the things you have buried from your past. These may […]

How to Call in Love on Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! If we were to go in a time machine back to the many origins of this day, we will see that it started as a symbol. Indeed, that’s what all days are- symbols. ‘Be my Valentine’ was a symbol of undying love- something we often crave in the outside world. Valentine’s day […]

Is there a method to your madness?

You like it when you actually get things you want to do done, right? You may have been going through a dry spell, and not feeling all that inspired to work when as if by magic, a rush of inspired energy fills your body and your hands and feet are eager to get going. And […]