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Are you addicted to pain? Here’s how you can start to relieve yourself of the endless cycle.

(Disclaimer: You are entering a zone of NO judgement. Be honest with yourself for best results.)   You “may” be addicted to pain if: you keep having the same symptoms for years and years you have tried everything within reach nothing seems to give you the relief you are looking for you are frustrating but feel like there’s something missing…

Are you joining the Mercury Retro party?

Mercury Retrograde – it’s a term often associated with much angst and fear. For those not familiar, the period from Oct 4-25 is the time when Mercury, which rules communication, moves backward and messages may get mixed up, and the minutest detail out of place can cause more havoc than usual. This is where all the technological mishaps can arise…

3 Easy Steps to Be Your Own Psychic

Remember the days when we used to seek out the nearest psychic or healer deep in the heart of the unknown forest. You probably may not remember as it’s been several eons ago but today there are still psychics and healers to help guide and support along the path of life. They are more readily accessible now than in those ancient…

Harvesting Peace at the Full Moon in Pisces

Happy Full Moon in Pisces!(This is the written version of the video reading) The Astro Soul Oracle reading brings you a snapshot into the energies of the time. It works with the stars and planets in a dynamic, co-creative manner and looks at the Past-Present-Future and a healing timeline as well. The current energies are very light and are bringing…

How to Receive Blessings Meant for You

Happy Super Full Moon in Aquarius! There is much talk about receiving the good that is meant for you. My question to you is: Are you taking in the gifts and abundance all around you? Quite likely you are not. If you were receiving your blessings, along with every other person on this planet, we would be living in near paradise!…