Author: Sasha

Full Moon Self-Care Tips: Three ways we can minimise stress in situations that seem beyond our control

In honour of the highly volatile Full Moon happening in a sky near you today, here are three things that you can do to minimise stress. We may not be able to change the environment and the status quo around us, but we can change how we ride the rocky waters- the challenges and hiccups […]

Clarity: Find the best solution to your problem in three easy steps.

Let’s think of a problem you may be having – for instance, what is really at the root of your health challenge? Let’s imagine you had two friends, one is telling you EVERYTHING there is to know about a particular problem. We can call this friend THE INTERNET for there is everything and anything in […]

Stinging Nettle Tea ~ The Story Behind My First Cup and How I Took the Sting out of Tradition

There are some things that draw you into ‘normal’ ways of thinking, that defy your logic only because the logic is not really yours. For me, one of these was the protective aura around the stinging nettle plant. The nettle plant had its defenses. And my community had its own defenses to match. There’s nothing […]

How I started healing from an undercover illness and the three-fold strategy you must know about

It was 4am and I was in tears. It was November 2011 and I had spent the entire month going round in circles visiting doctors and naturopaths.  Noone was listening and I was in turmoil partly because I barely had the strength to speak. I knew with every wispy thread of my being that something […]

A True Story about Hairdressing, Healing and Art

It started as just another visit to the hairdresser’s. But over the course of my hair treatment, I realised that spas and hair salons must be one of the most challenging places to work in! Why? People come in with their stories, and the salon provides a safe place to chit chat and release some […]

Wondering what type of herb to take? Three things that your body knows to help you decide.

I’ve often wondered when I was younger about how the human body knows what to do which each set of input it gets – whether it be herbs, food, water or foreign substances like pharmaceutical drugs and pollutants.  It’s like an automated factory in there, but so much more than that because this factory that […]

Three Affirmations from the Beach when there’s no beach

It was another impromptu day at the beach with my family but with a distinct flavour and spark. First of all, there was a van parked up beside us. We had company. Second, there were no life guards as usual but that didn’t deter us. So we walked on. The waves were up to the […]

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