5 Nightmares that people have when aligning with their Soul’s Highest Purpose

5 Nightmares that people have when it comes to aligning with their Soul’s Highest Purpose: (1) Being caught red-handed at a crossroads, with no clue where to go next and no clear sign to help you take that next step. (2) Just getting ready to take THAT big leap but cowering from the avalanche of […]

3 Steps to Unleash Your Brilliance on an Uncertain Path with Grace

There is so much uncertainty and chaos in the world today. Even more and more dark secrets are emerging and you may be left unsure who to trust and even if what you’re doing is worth it or something you can rely on in these changing times. When jobs are uncertain and massive change is […]

The secret you need to know to uncover your soul’s purpose (with Goddess Athena)

Ever wondered if you are truly living your purpose, you know- according to that map you agreed to when you were born. Are you serving the world the way you can (and you know, the world can do with all your help right now)? Are you attracting the life you are meant to have– the […]

3 Tips to Sow the Right Seeds at this New Moon in Virgo (with the Gardening Fairy)

This New Moon in Virgo brings a very hands-on, down-to-earth, get-your-hands-dirty-and-business-done vibe into the mix. With the upcoming Equinox just another day away, it also ushers in that feeling of needing to come into BALANCE. You may benefit from pampering yourself in all aspects of body, mind and soul, but especially the physical body and […]

3 Tips to Find Calm at this Full Moon in Watery Pisces (with Neptune, God of the Sea)

It is clear that this Full Moon is stirring up something quite sinister on the outside with hurricanes and catastrophe happening across the earth with no end in sight. The Full Moon is also backed up by Neptune, the God of the Sea and making a tense connection with Saturn, the one that brings the […]

The Stage is Set for You! Now which Superpower are you going to unleash?

Talent Breakthrough Oracle The Astro Soul Oracle Picture this: You are at an audition for a Talent Show with hundreds of viewers in the audience and later on television. The energy is high and the judges are anxiously awaiting to see YOUR performance. All eyes are on you as you cross the stage and come […]

[New Moon in Cancer] N.O.U.R.I.S.H.~ 5 Paths to Healing Your Mother Wounds

The Moon enters Cancer for this New Moon. Cancer brings forth nurturing and bears the image of the mother, which represents divine love and nurturing. This symbol though means different things to different people based on experiences. Below are 5 paths that can help you heal your mother wounds at thist time:Nutrition – How are you […]

[Full Moon in Sagittarius] A Balloon, a Voyage, a Teacher and a Scale

Let me tell you a very short story. It starts with a balloon that is filled with thoughts of all shapes and colours. It rises, and as it journeys over distant lands, what is true from lies suddenly becomes clearer. All is exposed along this journey-both the darker and lighter bits. It comes into contact with a […]

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