Challenge Your Mind

Why sometimes timing is not enough and what you can do about it?

You probably have heard the phrase ‘Everything happens for a reason’. This statement hints that not only that events in one’s life are predestined but there is a bigger hand at work in the mysteries and magical moments of one’s life. In other words, whatever is meant to happen has happened in its due timing and […]

Are you joining the Mercury Retro party?

Mercury Retrograde – it’s a term often associated with much angst and fear. For those not familiar, the period from Oct 4-25 is the time when Mercury, which rules communication, moves backward and messages may get mixed up, and the minutest detail out of place can cause more havoc than usual. This is where all […]

3 Ways to add Colour and Sparkle to your life (featuring the Feng Shui Angel)

Happy September!. T’is the traditional month of Harvest-time and of cleaning up (all September babies will know what I mean!). What do you do though when you have cleaned up your space and feel like it’s just about a blank slate. This could be especially so if you’ve just moved to a new place or […]

How to get what you truly deserve in life

Happy Full Moon in Scorpio! The message from the Astro Soul Oracle card deck is taken from the House of Secrets:   At this Scorpio Full Moon, the message here is about taking a good long look (with telescope lens or magnifying glass if needed) at the things you have buried from your past. These may […]

The Libran New Moon and Why it’s not all about Astrology

It is that time again. The Sun and Moon are in Libra, the planet of balance and harmony. Libra is a masculine sign with a feminine character, also indicative of balancing our male and female aspects within. But what does that really mean? And what do we look like when we come into harmony with […]

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