Listen to Your Heart

The Three types of Spiritual Readers

As a seeker of truth, I have also sought the advice and guidance of many different spiritual readers and healers. I can define three categories of readers from my encounters and second-hand experiences: The first group I’ve experienced are those so-called ‘fake’ readers who are doing this work for all the wrong reasons. These often appear at […]

[New Moon in Cancer] N.O.U.R.I.S.H.~ 5 Paths to Healing Your Mother Wounds

The Moon enters Cancer for this New Moon. Cancer brings forth nurturing and bears the image of the mother, which represents divine love and nurturing. This symbol though means different things to different people based on experiences. Below are 5 paths that can help you heal your mother wounds at thist time:Nutrition – How are you […]

5 Steps to Birthing a New Level of Relationship in your Life (New Moon in Taurus Edition)

Life runs on connections, relationships. As Spring blossoms, the seeds and visions of new life also start to sprout. Whether they are just about to break from their nap underground, germinating or further along the journey, these visions need tender loving care- just like a baby at conception. The ground must be prepared with good […]

Aries New Moon Astro Soul Oracle Update: Make Love Not War (Spring Edition)

Happy New Moon in Aries! Aries delivers and aura of confident action and impulsive optimism It’s associated organs are to be found in the head and don’t be surprised if suddenly there is a greater tendency to accidents more than usual. It is important to take the time to calm your mind and your steps. […]

Think you know how to find your hidden talents? Think again! (Full Moon in Leo edition)

I know what you’re doing and how you might be sabotaging yourself lately with your abilities. You might think it’ll happen on its own time- that your answers to the question marks you have around how you can be of more service in the world will appear knocking at your front door. Being in a […]

Message for you from the Seahorse for the Harvest Full Moon in Pisces

What a busy month it has been this September! After the intense detoxifying and pulverising nature of August’s energies, you may have been left a bit dazed at the start of this month trying to pick up the pieces and walk on solid ground again. Today’s full moon is working its magic with yet another […]

Enter the Lion: Four Blessings of this New Moon in Leo that you won’t want to miss!

The central theme according to the Astro Soul Oracle for this New Moon in Leo, today August 14  surrounds another huge planetary shake-up created by the recent sprint of Jupiter from Leo to Virgo! Here are some things in particular to take note of at this time: (1) The Sun is in Leo and the moon […]

Who do you trust? Which psychic or healer should you listen to?

Bombardment. Left, right, centre, up, down and below. All around.  There is information coming at you from angles, but not only that- you also have the wide and varied opinions of others mixed with loving guidance. How do you know who to listen to? As an energy healer, I work non-judgementally and for the highest […]

3 Ways to add Colour and Sparkle to your life (featuring the Feng Shui Angel)

Happy September!. T’is the traditional month of Harvest-time and of cleaning up (all September babies will know what I mean!). What do you do though when you have cleaned up your space and feel like it’s just about a blank slate. This could be especially so if you’ve just moved to a new place or […]

How to get what you truly deserve in life

Happy Full Moon in Scorpio! The message from the Astro Soul Oracle card deck is taken from the House of Secrets:   At this Scorpio Full Moon, the message here is about taking a good long look (with telescope lens or magnifying glass if needed) at the things you have buried from your past. These may […]

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