Nourish Your Body

5 Steps to Birthing a New Level of Relationship in your Life (New Moon in Taurus Edition)

Life runs on connections, relationships. As Spring blossoms, the seeds and visions of new life also start to sprout. Whether they are just about to break from their nap underground, germinating or further along the journey, these visions need tender loving care- just like a baby at conception. The ground must be prepared with good […]

Are you addicted to pain? Here’s how you can start to relieve yourself of the endless cycle.

(Disclaimer: You are entering a zone of NO judgement. Be honest with yourself for best results.)   You “may” be addicted to pain if: you keep having the same symptoms for years and years you have tried everything within reach nothing seems to give you the relief you are looking for you are frustrating but […]

How the Cosmos is helping you to Reinvent your Life Right Now

When we are in a state of transformation, we often do not realise it until long after- after the anguish, the tears, the pain and the frustrations of running round in circles or feeling like there is no way out of the misery. As the Sun leaves Leo and moves into Virgo, it may seem […]

The most golden recipe…especially for women

I’m sure you have heard about the health benefits of turmeric. You can essentially call it the multi-purpose spice – it nourishes the body on many levels in a very soothing, warming, comforting way. It is particularly beneficial in cooler and colder weather to warm the body. It is also a great cleanser as our […]

Full Moon Self-Care Tips: Three ways we can minimise stress in situations that seem beyond our control

In honour of the highly volatile Full Moon happening in a sky near you today, here are three things that you can do to minimise stress. We may not be able to change the environment and the status quo around us, but we can change how we ride the rocky waters- the challenges and hiccups […]

Stinging Nettle Tea ~ The Story Behind My First Cup and How I Took the Sting out of Tradition

There are some things that draw you into ‘normal’ ways of thinking, that defy your logic only because the logic is not really yours. For me, one of these was the protective aura around the stinging nettle plant. The nettle plant had its defenses. And my community had its own defenses to match. There’s nothing […]

Wondering what type of herb to take? Three things that your body knows to help you decide.

I’ve often wondered when I was younger about how the human body knows what to do which each set of input it gets – whether it be herbs, food, water or foreign substances like pharmaceutical drugs and pollutants.  It’s like an automated factory in there, but so much more than that because this factory that […]

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