Four Signs of an Imbalanced Root Chakra

When the Root Chakra is balanced, it allows just the right amount of energy to flow through it to allow us to be strong, stable, financially secure and sufficiently protected and supported by life.

Imbalances in the Root Chakra can arise from a variety of situations in life, particularly those that cause us to feel uprooted and ungrounded. You may even be able to trace these back to childhood and past lives.

Below are four types of signs that your Root Chakra may be critically affected and situations that can produce these states.

(1) Physical signs –  eg. Fatigue & low energy, Weakness in the structure of the body, Kidney issues, Difficult bowel movements

Situations that can trigger these: Injuries, Extenuating Chronic Illness, Degeneration of Aging, Sedentary Lifestyle

(2) Emotional signs – eg. Depression, Constant worry around finances, Restless anxiety about the future, Disappointment and hurt

Situations that can trigger these: Lack of visible support, Struggles with Money, Change of location or other time of transition, Conflict in the family

(3) Mental signs- eg. Addictive behaviours involving food, Obsession with money, Paranoia of being unsafe and open to attack, Constantly doubting self

Situations that can trigger these: Peer Pressure and Societal Pressure, Previous financial hardship, Ongoing negativity and crime in the society, Negative opinions from self and others

(4) Spiritual signs- eg. Low inner resilience, Unstable foundations, Disconnection from Daily Life, Ungrounded

Situations that can trigger these: Past experiences of having failed in a quest, Memories of almost dying, Shock and trauma from this or past lives, Long periods without contact with Nature


These signs are warnings that the body uses to relay that it is working below its optimal performance at the Root Chakra. They typically progress from Spiritual to Mental to Emotional and then lastly, Physical. At this final stage, there is greatly reduced energy moving through this part of the body. Disease is a natural consequence as the body reaches its limit of what it can do to compensate.

Clearing blockages and restoring a balanced flow of energy is what will help ‘treat’ these states of imbalance and restore the proper functioning of the Root Chakra. The result will be improved magnetism of good finances, protection, stability and support to the individual. Even when challenges arise that test the mettle of the Root Chakra, there will be a greater ability to release the negativity attached and bounce back into balance again.


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Four Signs of an Imbalanced Root Chakra

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