Sasha Niala

[Aquarius Full Moon- Lunar Eclipse] What are your true heart’s desires?

The Stage is Set for You! Now which Superpower are you going to unleash?

Talent Breakthrough Oracle The Astro Soul Oracle Picture this: You are at an audition for a Talent Show with hundreds...

[New Moon in Cancer] N.O.U.R.I.S.H.~ 5 Paths to Healing Your Mother Wounds

The Moon enters Cancer for this New Moon. Cancer brings forth nurturing and bears the image of the mother, which...

[Full Moon in Sagittarius] A Balloon, a Voyage, a Teacher and a Scale

Let me tell you a very short story. It starts with a balloon that is filled with thoughts of all...

[New Moon in Gemini] Opening up to Heart-Centred Inspiration- Awakening the Heart & Third-Eye Chakra

The May 25 New Moon in airy Gemini is hot on the heels of a major heart awakening on the...

[Full Moon in Scorpio] Change is here & a story of how I transformed my Art

It was a happy coincidence that I kicked off the Birthing the New course on the Full Moon in Scorpio. It...

5 Steps to Birthing a New Level of Relationship in your Life (New Moon in Taurus Edition)

Life runs on connections, relationships. As Spring blossoms, the seeds and visions of new life also start to sprout. Whether...

Astro Soul Portrait- S & S

Couple’s Astro Soul Portrait: Mom and Daughter

Astro Soul Portrait- AP

Astro Soul Portrait: Travels, Knowledge and Intuition

Astro Soul Portrait- JW2

Couple’s Astro Soul Portrait: Mom and Son