Personalised Space Painting




See the Soul Paintings page for more.

Do you need your space to be infused with a certain mood, theme or ambience. You may want your bedroom to resonate more closely with ‘Peace’ and ‘Relaxation’ or you may need a workplace to have ‘Balance’ and ‘Abundance’.

With this painting, you may send me a photo of the room you want to personalise in colour and character. You send me the key theme/s you’re looking for and I’ll get to making you a painting for your space.

It will be completed within 11 days of your order when you will receive a digital version of it while it is being shipped to you.

Various sizes can be requested with price variations.

The price listed is for a 12″ by 16″ painting. I use acrylic paints on canvas paper.

(Painting above is for the themes ‘Balance’ and ‘Flow’)