Spirit Guide Portrait with Reading *1 question*

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Need some clarity and insight directed to living your fullest potential and making best use of your spiritual gifts? It is true that a picture can express more than a thousand words and help things come together in ways words cannot.

With this reading, you will get an automatic (channelled) spirit guide drawing as well as a written interpretation and insights on a question or area of life you’d like some clarity on. These guides may include animals, angelic beings and people. There is no limit and each drawing is unique to the situation and person asking.

You may also ask for what you need to know at this time if you are unsure what to ask.

The accompanying message will be ~300 words for one question and ~550 words for two questions.

The portrait and message is intended to help illuminate your path and surround you with the loving healing guidance here for you now.

Print off and use as a meditation tool as a ‘living’ reminder of your guides’ wisdom and portal for their healing energies.


The reading was incredible and you can’t imagine how helpful / encouraging it is.
It touched me so deeply and reminded myself of the truth.

Love the painting, so beautiful and meaningful – printed and put on the wall, as well as the message -it’s uplifting and motivating, especially on those days when experiencing doubts.

-Gita Gavare Marotis

Sasha’s talent and connection to our spirit side came through strongly in the portrait and reading she received for me from my spirit guides. I felt connected, guided, and loved as I reviewed what she received for me. It was very special – like Sasha’s talents!

-Julee Cunningham

The message was clear and incredibly accurate for where I am at this moment. It has helped make some next step choices

-Maryanne Paul