Talent Breakthrough Blueprint

Ever found the road to unlocking, developing and making the most of your divine assets – your talents- is covered in a haze of mist and filled with obstacles? If you ever feel disconnected from your talents, you may also feel confusion around your purpose, vulnerable to the rise and fall of others’ opinions, low energy and mood and lack of drive to just get going especially when the going gets tough.

It may also feel lonely at times and frustrating enough for you to contemplate just giving it up and getting on back to ‘regular programming’. But you didn’t reach this point without a story behind you, a tireless desire to fulfil a greater mission.

Your talents are your secret weapons in navigating the world of  your soul’s purpose. EACH talent has its distinct role whether it seems to reap you monetary rewards right away or not. Getting back your mojo and the rewards of grooming yourself for your bigger purpose is priceless. After all, it’s what you’re here to do! As you put one foot forward, you will be met with the support to expand and grow!

The Talent Breakthrough Blueprint is a mix of intuitive insights, energetic support and firm but gentle coaching. It allows your Past and Future to usher you into the Present, where you must be to maximise your opportunities and truly embody your gifts and potential. In the Present, guidance on how best you can harness your talents will be revealed.

It also brings the potential negatives and positives around you to create a force field that lifts you into an empowered, high vibrational space that lights a fire under your work of purpose so that the weight of the world doesn’t pull you down!

Are you ready to take your talents to the next level with clarity on how to do so?

What you get when you purchase a Talent Breakthrough Blueprint:

  • Intuitive Laser-Sharp Guidance on 1-2 questions you have around harnessing your abilities and living your soul’s purpose work
  • Past, Present and Future timeline for the next month showing you how you can use the past and future to ground you in the present with your expanded potential and gifts galore!
  • Your own Force Field to propel you into the next level with your talents. This is made up of potential challenges AND worldly help that will both serve to ignite your rocketfuel so you can blastoff! 
  • You will get all the above in the form of a written document and a hand-drawn blueprint soul blueprint where you can easily see the energies at work where your talents and life’s work are concerned (think of it like your own treasure map showing you the routes you can take and potentials for growing and expanding with your abilities in the coming month!)

Sasha's insight was insanely spot on and with a level of detail that was beyond this world for me especially considering it was a one off question. Even though i realised after posting my question that i did it wrongly, the deck is about asking questions around our purpose and talents, i ended up asking a personal life question and she still responded anyway with an answer that was incredibly deep for me (she wouldn't know this but since asking my question there were developments that were very scarily similar to what she responded back to me with!

Soul-Streaming Alchemy Coaching

Thank you very much Sasha for my Talent Breakthrough message. It resonates even more now than the first time I read it.. My soul is happy! It will definitely help me in my messaging. Thank you again!

Theany Chan 

The reading was incredible and you can’t imagine how helpful / encouraging it is.
It touched me so deeply and reminded myself of the truth.

Love the image, so beautiful and meaningful – printed and put on the wall, as well as the message -it’s uplifting and motivating, especially on those days when experiencing doubts.

Gita Gavare Marotis 

My soul portrait is incredible. Things showed up in it that I did not even mention- and they are things like the home I am wanting to purchase and the divine symbol that follows me everywhere. I was not sure what this would deliver and it has brought me clarity, connection, joy and love. I highly recommend this as it is just a beautiful experience and Sasha is incredibly gifted.

Katie Kozlowski 

Ready to get unstuck with your talents and capitalise on your UNIQUE impact in your work?
(Now may just the time to take your divine abilities out of their hiding places and allow them to grow and glow with you!)

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