Over the years that I’ve been doing intuitive readings, I’ve found that many have a vague idea of what exactly are their talents. If they know one, they may not feel that they do have it or have others. It is because of the conditioning of society that we are made to feel guilty of not only having talents but even wasting time in developing them. People may say there are other better things to do in life.
When you know that the end goal is ultimately to be more of service to others, reconnecting with your talents becomes a joy and a path to realising all you can be with the time you have.

The Talent Breakthrough Package was made for you to help you reconnect and develop your talents in the space of 1 month!

so that you move from feeling like just another face in the crowd to beaming your unique spirit and personality so that your divine clients SEE you for what you can offer in the ways you can do it best right now.

No more hiding behind your doubts and fears about being truly you!

What’s included:

  • 1 Discover Your Talents Session (45min) – A session that identifies three talents that’s next in line for you to develop and how you can implement this in your life right now  At the end of this session, we will co-create an action plan on how you are going to unleash your talents out into the world. This session is booked on signup and includes a mix of astrology, intuitive insights and energy work.
  • 3 Talent Development Sessions (45min)- Over the course of one month, we will meet three times to go over the blocks and resistance you have to bringing out your talents and sharing your UNIQUE self in your work. This is especially important when you are setting yourself apart in the online world and becoming a voice that is heard and not fits in a cookie cutter mould.
  • BONUS- 1 Spirit Guide Portrait (value $30.) that you can keep over the month for motivation and support. 

    Value: $500.+
    Your investment: $297.

Sasha is amazing! She is incredibly intuitive. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve had readings before but this was a completely different experience. She takes you on a journey that is truly “one of a kind”. Not only that, but she hits the nail on the head with each piece of guidance and message she gives you. You leave a session with her with more clarity, peace of mind and understanding of yourself and your own journey through life. Whether or not you’ve had readings before, I highly recommend working with Sasha. You won’t want your session to end. I could go on but you’ll just need to experience it yourself to truly understand how powerful her work is.
Veronica Acebedo