Want to be a Chakra Goddess?

A chakra goddess is radiant from the inside out. She lives in joy, her energy is lit and bubbling with purpose and passion, she walks with ease and attracts the most magical things (and people) to her. She has a deep understanding of the gifts she has to offer the world and is confident in sharing them. She is vibrant, healthy and has more than enough energy for herself and others. She lives her dream each day.

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Hi, I’m Sasha Niala, Spiritual Business Coach and Intuitive Healer at your service.

I know the pain and struggles that come with having these grand ideas of how you can change the world around you but not enough room, motivation or energy to follow through.

Several years back, I became so disconnected from my big passion of natural medicine while also trying to find my balance in a challenging situation. 

My big business dreams were overshadowed by what-ifs and fears and I found myself sinking deep into apathy and frustration. I lost my drive to do the work I so loved.

Until the day came when I reconnected with my purpose and vision again. Suddenly, everything clicked into place and within days, I was back on track, and excited that I was getting booked up with my soul clients after months of quiet.

I’m here to tell you anything is possible, and this is especially true for your dreams!

So If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stuck and missing that buzz of excitement in your business at the start of the new year, it’s the perfect time to write a fresh story…