You are here for a reason…
your Sacred Work is calling.

Spiritual Business & Purpose Coach

Sasha Niala

Hi, I’m Sasha. I’m seriously passionate about helping spiritual women unlock their soul gifts, step fully into their purpose and create powerful, profitable businesses that change the world!

In the process, they dive into their own healing, uncover the jewels buried within their soul and emerge with more energy, clarity, confidence and joy for their work. This is a gift that keeps on giving in the most amazing opportunities, clients and blessings of money, health and fulfilment.

How May I Help You?

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Unlock Your Gifts
and Soul Purpose

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Get More Clients & Accelerate Your Biz Success

Be who you were born to be, live your life’s purpose and share your gifts, your unique offerings to the world.

Reclaim Peace, Confidence and Energy in Life

Overcome self-sabotaging thoughts and emotions and take back control of situations causing you anxiety and stress in your work & relationships.

Words from Clients

Dante Rose Herin

Thank you Sasha for bringing me closer to my highest version of self, closer into alignment with my soul purpose and closer to the core of my business mission. I feel like a whole new business owner compared to the start of our course!

Gita Gavare Marotis

I have lots of understanding about inner work and yet, you wonderfully surprised me. Your knowledge and technique is absolutely brilliant and it was super easy to go through the healing process. I am super grateful as just after only 3 sessions with you and you helped me more than what I had invested during the last 15 years. I highly recommend anyone who is ready to take responsibility for their live and circumstances to get your help ASAP.

Veronica Acebedo

Sasha is amazing!
She is incredibly intuitive. You leave a session with her with more clarity, peace of mind and understanding of yourself and your own journey through life. Whether or not you’ve had guided healing before, I highly recommend working with Sasha. You won’t want your session to end. I could go on but you’ll just need to experience it yourself to truly understand how powerful her work is! 

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