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Did you know that your abilities and talents are VITAL to living your fullest potential and a COSMIC LIFE? You create your life through your unique expression. The more you recognise and develop the talents that are yours to own and embody, the more you honour your own life and attract abundance. After all, your purpose is to BE who you are and nothing less.

Have you spent hours and hours trying to work out the logistics of how to serve your tribe and been guilty of straying away from your bigger mission and the ‘why’ that got you there in the first place? It’s not too late to come back to centre, refocus and gain clarity and perspective on how you can bring more of your uniqueness to your clients, your colleagues and even your loved ones! It is my mission to help you stay on track with yours so that you get the fulfilment you desire while your people sing and dance in joy and praise and contentment!

And guess what happens as a result of all this? Your BODY begins to heal almost magically because you send it a signal that you are here for the big business of your life’s work! (That is why I reserved a section of this site to supporting your body along its journey to expressing your talents– your health contributes to your ability to do so and now is as good as any time to help it along the way!)


My mission:

As an energy healer and natural health consultant, I am constantly evolving to hold space for healing that creates shifts on all levels of being. My journey has been a stormy one but it has taught me valuable lessons in true health. I believe in healing on multiple levels, not just the physical symptoms or mental anguish, but all together. Good health is your greatest wealth, without it you cannot have the energy to do your work of service and heart! 

Like any creative and visionary artist, I understand the struggles and frustrations of putting your precious work ‘out there’ and not being acknowledged or seen for it. There are also tonnes of fears and doubts that come forward in the process of unlocking your talents but these are critical to move through in order to do your work of service so that you can make the positive changes you desire in a way that you are tangibly rewarded for them! (Your talents are not just past times, they were given to you for a reason.)

There’s also that big issue of support and being supported in the real world in REAL ways – people, money, work and opportunities to expand and express you. Remember your body is your first natural support system to bringing your talent from an idea into a living reality. It must also be supported. I can help you both uncover, develop and grow your unique talents and heal your body to ground and support you in the process!


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