The Talent Breakthrough Oracle Card Deck is going live on May 29! Have you always wanted to know what’s the next step to take with your talents? Until the deck launches, you can receive one complimentary intuitive message from the deck (one message per person).

Meet Sasha Niala:

I’m so glad to meet you here in this journey of healing that is truly an adventure. Whenever I was at a crossroads in my health, it was the connection with my talents and purpose that helped steered me back on course. Why is that? When you develop your divine talents (not just one, but all of them), you are elevated into a life of your highest purpose. Your body responds by helping you heal faster so that you can do the work you said a resounding ‘YES’ to by acknowledging your talents. I found this out the hard way, but it doesn’t need to be so.

My focus is two-fold, and so is what I can offer to you today in your journey:

As an energy healer and natural health consultant, I am constantly evolving to hold space for healing that creates shifts on all levels of being. My journey has been a stormy one but it has taught me valuable lessons in true health. I believe in healing on multiple levels, not just the physical symptoms or mental anguish, but all together. Good health is your greatest wealth, without it you cannot have the energy to do your work of service and heart!

Like any creative and visionary artist, I understand the struggles and frustrations of putting your precious work ‘out there’ and not being acknowledged or seen for it. There are also tonnes of fears and doubts that come forward in the process of unlocking your talents but these are critical to move through in order to do your work of service so that you can make the positive changes you desire in a way that you are tangibly rewarded for them! (Your talents are not just past times, they were given to you for a reason.)

It is up to you which path you would like to take. At the end of the day, the work you do to unlock your talents and to unleash your vitality meet at the middle.  

Which can I help you with today?

Did you know that your abilities and talents are VITAL to living your fullest potential and a COSMIC LIFE? The more you recognise and develop the talents that are yours to own and embody, the more you honour your own life and attract abundance. After all, your purpose is to BE who you are and nothing less.


Your Body is a Mirror of Change and the Instrument whereby Matter is Birthed into Life. Ailments in the Body are messages and reflections that can be used for further healing. Fast-forward the journey of healing so that relief and solutions become a natural consequence by tuning into what your body is saying.

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