10-10 and New Moon in Libra Update

10-10 Energies are streaming in!

Here's a sneak peek into the full video forecast (see below).

Venus/Scorpio ~ the deep work around balance in relationships continues!
Lunar Eclipse ~ major themes of letting go and closing doors to past commitments that no longer work for your heart.
North Node-> Meteor Shower ~ this is the timeline of events. We are still riding on the waves of the 'building-up' energy from before after the series of retrogrades. Reminder that a time of revelation and slow unveiling follows of all your hard work. Stay focused in your heart and passions!
Nurturing Spirit~ Be patient in the process. Look at things you want to nurture and bloom into life. Good time for grooming creative projects.
Sensual Touch~ The physical body is extra sensitive, may feel heavy and fatigued easily at this time and may need more downtime. Honour your body as it is the contact with the outside world and needs to be nurtured too.
Grand Adventure ~ Don't forget that amidst all the drudgery and darkness, there IS an adventure still waiting for you. Refresh your enthusiasm and reconnect with the passion you have for the things yet to be birthed.
Useful Questions to consider: What are your desires of heart and where are they are not being met?
How can you bring more balance, fairness and justice to love?
Is there anything you need to break free from to feel more at peace in your heart?
What seeds do you wish to plant that you are truly passionate about?

Remember to join me for another Thriving Superstar Guest Expert Interview on Sunday 14th October at 2pm EST. Will be hearing from Alison Beth Levy who will share more about 5D Astrology and how you can connect to your Higher Self with this system. We'll delve more into this intense Venus in Retrograde in Scorpio.
Where you can see the interview and participate: Live on the Sasha Niala, Soul-Aligned Success Facebook page!

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