10 Gifts to You From Me to Inspire you to Be Your Best and Appreciate Your Worth

Happy Thanksgiving to those in the U.S.! The vibration of gratitude will be felt all around the world today. It is one that can heal low moods and energy by bringing you back into an active appreciation of your blessings. How will love find a place to flow if it is being ignored? Energy is dynamic and it is your participation with it that will allow your life to be lit up with the magical manifestations meant for you! Today, I share with you 10 gifts from my offerings that you may have missed over the years (also, stay tuned for next week’s post for one more that I’m really excited about!)


  1. Awaken Your Inner Gifts 7 Day Challenge – Did you miss the live version of the challenge? Now you can open your gifts of spirit at your own time in 7 days. Sign up here.
  2. The Media Room – Have you checked out the media room? Two interviews are waiting for you there about being gluten-free and one about healing from childhood trauma. Check it out here.

  3. Get Creative! – Feeling blocked creatively? Jump on this free webinar to knock away  your blues! Get your free gift here.

  4. Your Diamond Self Blueprint! – Download your own step-by-step guide to creating your own map to a Diamond Life in all areas! Write it down, print it out and let it remind you every day of the life of your dreams which is just a glance away! Sign up to download the Blueprint here.

  5. Activate your worth with the Taurus Supermoon meditation – The Supermoon may have passed but the energies are still with us, urging us to claim our gifts and live our truest, most expansive potential. Listen to the Free Meditation here.

  7.  Complimentary Health Spot Check– Do you have a nagging chronic illness and want to dig a bit deeper to understand how to heal from it? I offer 15 minute discovery calls via Skype to help you get started uncovering the spiritual root of your condition so you can heal in bigger strides on the outside. Book your own Spot Check here.


7.  Reconnective Guided Healing Journeys are now available at $33. for 30 minutes for a limited time only. This is only available to you here via this link on the blog! Use it wisely 🙂 

8. The Feng Shui Bundle – Decorate your space with a painting made just for you to embody the mood you’d like to create! Blast away negativity in the process (this doubles as an energetic healing for you as well!) Receive a 50% discount on Full Reconnective Healing Journeys too with every painting. Click here for more details. 

9.  The Astro Soul Bundle – Allow both the stars (your birthchart via astrology) and your soul (via spirit guidance) to bring you  closer to your true beauty and light. Get an Astro Soul Portrait (valued at $135.+) plus a 40 min Astro Soul Oracle reading ($80.) for only $177. + shipping! Perfect gift to celebrate your or another’s uniqueness. Click here for more details. 

10. The Toast to Your Health Bundle – Get a prescriptive print that brings the energies forth around you to help bring your body into balance. Receive a 50% discount on 60 min Health Detective Sessions with every purchase of this painting. Click here for more details.   

So that’s 10- just a start. Many more gifts are waiting for you from me in the new year as I dedicate more of my time here. If you’re not already on the mailing list, join the community to be sure not to miss out on all the fun action and goodies. Sign up here.

Let’s keep the magic flowing! In the comments below, write one thing you are grateful for in your life. Plant a seed right here right now and commit to a high frequency life of love, abundance, vitality and flow!

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