3 Easy Steps to Be Your Own Psychic

Remember the days when we used to seek out the nearest psychic or healer deep in the heart of the unknown forest. You probably may not remember as it’s been several eons ago but today there are still psychics and healers to help guide and support along the path of life. They are more readily accessible now than in those ancient days.

At the same time, did you know that it is actually easier now to meet the psychic hiding within you? This is the one you can turn to when you need clarity, direction and advice- whether it be for something seemingly mundane and trivial to critical turning points in your life- like career, relationships, health choices, and so on.

So how can you become your own psychic?

(1) You first have to meet him/her. It may be years or decades since you have met and it is time for a heart to heart. You need to get in touch with your deepest core truth and do the work to unravel the story of you. What this means is that you become curious and interested in learning about yourself and learning how you operate in the world. You can do this by means of astrology for instance. As a psychic, you must be clear on your own soul’s truth and really step out there and live it large.

(2) After your first meeting, there may be some blocks that get in the way of communication with the psychic part of you. Don’t let him/her run away because you are afraid or you don’t think you can connect well. You have done this much work just to arrange the meeting. Give some space and time to heal the wounds and hurdles in your way to tuning into your own personal psychic hotline. Listen to the silence.

(3) In order to maintain your clear connection, clean up your thoughts and stay positive. When you start going this deeply into the heart of you and all around you, psychic debris can easily get in the way of your messages and distort them. You can clean up your thoughts in many ways. One of the most effective way is to just be in the high vibrational state of purity and pure joy. Children are great at being in this state of pure joy as well as being psychics so you may find it helpful to have a child nearby.

If you need assistance on this path to becoming your own psychic or feel like you need a psychic outside of yourself (sometimes objectivity is called for in a situation close to our hearts), you can connect with me easily through this link.


To the Crystal Ball Within You!



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