3 Steps to Overcome your Fear of the Unknown with the Shark at this Aries Full Moon

With the winds of purpose blowing into your life, you may feel a bit tussled and even unsure of what lies ahead. There is so much in flux energetically and it is a challenge to keep up with the ebbs and flows of human nature and cosmic patterns. You may have heard that calling to align with your truth and divine life purpose more closely. The call is getting louder at this time and you will not want to miss the boat.


Times like thesharkse call for moving with strength, conviction and determination. The Aries Full Moon on October 15th is stirring up the waters with bursts of energy and fire. The animal guide that is here  for this Full Moon in the Spirit Guide Portrait is the Shark. The Shark can help us face the dark waters of the stepping into a brave new world by helping us attune to ourselves as individuals, large enough to create waves.


Here are 3 pearls of wisdom from the Shark spirit guide:

(1) Take time for yourself, to meditate and create! – It is a blessing to have time and space alone when all seems chaotic on the outside. Just like the Shark finds stability in the stormy currents at sea, you are nourished within your own space of zen. You will find that you can create masterpieces out of destruction at this time. Trust the process of transformation at work in your life. There is a second animal guide in the butterfly if you look again at the Spirit Guide Portrait on this page. Change is the fabric of life and is very much at work now.

 (2) Stay active, and dance with your passions!- There is a surge of energy available for anyone at this time. It can be used positively in movement and anything that helps you express your unique abilities. With the Full Moon over the 1st house, there is a revelation of something that connects you with a deeper sense of purpose in the world. Watch your own footsteps and where they want to take you!

(3) Claim your independent spirit! – There is much that lies ahead, waiting in the wings. The Shark is fearless in its quest and has a spirit of adventure running through its veins. It is willing to go the distance where the destination is often a mystery and the journey may seem so long. Let the thrill of the new course through your body and be excited for what’s to come next. Impatience may arise, but see (1) or (2) above if it does.


Full Moon Gift:11971592541756651845TheresaKnott_Gift.svg.med

If you are unsure what is it that makes you unique at this time and what it is you can offer to the world, take this quiz to reveal your special gift. Know your gifts to know your purpose!


Enjoy this time of breakthroughs and breaking into the new.


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