Full Moons are a time for reflection, releasing and letting go of what is no longer aligned with us, and this one in Virgo is especially so when it comes to our purpose and mission.

Under this Full Moon, you may feel the temporary discomfort and heaviness of all that is being dredged up to be purified and transformed for the better.

The blessing here is that you are better able to not only see but face the darkness courageously so that you can heal yourself. The result is that you sync up with your path and purpose more closely and easily and pave the way for your long-term success.

Here are three tips to help you use these energies to align with your purpose and the success in store for you:

1. REST & REFLECT. These Full Moon energies may compel you to lay low for a bit and recharge yourself. This is a precious time to reflect on where you are now but also your journey of late.

2. PURIFY. Clean out your space. Some things or ways of operating may show up their faults more clearly. You may be given the opportunity to replace these outdated things or ideas with new ones. Can be a great time for an internal cleanse too!

3. GET ORGANISED. Now that you have a little more space to breathe, it’s the perfect time to sort out all those odds and ends lying around. This energy helps you dive straight to the task and just get it done already. Give yourself the freedom to make a breakthrough.

How are the Virgo Full Moon energies working their magic for you? Which of the three above have you been feeling drawn to the most?

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