3 Tips to Find Calm at this Full Moon in Watery Pisces (with Neptune, God of the Sea)

It is clear that this Full Moon is stirring up something quite sinister on the outside with hurricanes and catastrophe happening across the earth with no end in sight. The Full Moon is also backed up by Neptune, the God of the Sea and making a tense connection with Saturn, the one that brings the lessons of Karma to the fore.

Mercury is Direct so communication of ideas will be a lot clearer (a useful positive).

With the winds of change blowing so vigorously and making life and the future uncertain, how do you stay present and balanced?
How do you find yourself in the eye of the storm- the place of calm amidst all the chaos on the outside?

There are three things you can do at this time:

(1) Cleanse – This Full Moon in Pisces is a very spiritual one. It allows us to see the big picture and how our actions affect each other and the world around us. It is a good time to purify your spirit especially so that you can stay present both inside and out. When you do this for your own energy, it will impact the world around you. 

(2) Accept Chaos– Recognise that the debris you may be seeing around your life is a natural consequence of the cleansing process. It is a sign that things are being stirred up to be cleared and released from where it no longer belongs. Pay attention to your dreams for psychic impressions of deeper undercurrents in your life.

(3) Compassion & Clarity  – The Pisces Moon may make you more fluid with the emotions of others, which is a good thing. The other side of this is that you get lost in a sea of emotions that are not all yours. As you empathise with others, recognise that emotions move like the tides. Be aware of what you are feeling and observe the boundary lines of your personal space. You can still do this while having compassion for the world around you.


Have a Blessed Full Moon and may you be Safe.

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