3 Ways to add Colour and Sparkle to your life (featuring the Feng Shui Angel)

Happy September!. T’is the traditional month of Harvest-time and of cleaning up (all September babies will know what I mean!).

What do you do though when you have cleaned up your space and feel like it’s just about a blank slate. This could be especially so if you’ve just moved to a new place or new job or new relationship. How do you approach this freshness – by leaving it up to the Universe or is there some other way forward?

As Master Creator/Creatrix, there is certainly a way forward that involves you stepping forward in all your glory WITH the Universe at your side (and behind your back).

That involves making new choices for the path ahead, whether this may mean painting your walls a different colour or leaping forward into a new, exciting job or opportunity. (Do you have any idea how many angels and fairies are clapping when you do so?!)

Speaking of angel, let me introduce the Feng Shui Angel, one of several who will be making appearances from the magical Angel Playhouse. She comes at a time of still chaos where the water is still but the river is deep with possibility. She is here to help you particularly with how to decorate your new space and new life when all seems…well, a little..blah.

Tips from the Feng Shui Angel:

(1) Clean up your old space properly. I know you probably think you are all set to go but sometimes we leave traces behind. Take a deep breath, and let go of any attachments to what these traces used to mean. Ask yourself if you truly need this going forward into the future? Then you may choose to keep it or let it go with grace and a gentle goodbye for being in your life at that space and time.

(2) Breathe new life into it as a powerful creator and with the intention this space or place or relationship will provide you with the experiences that will colour your life with exciting potentials and possibilities. There is no need for ritual. Your pure heart is all that is needed. You can of course accentuate this with a touch of glamour by spreading some rose petals in your space for instance. But wait- just because I said ritual is not needed doesn’t mean it’s bad- express yourself , express your gratitude and do it YOUR WAY- with pomp and circumstance or with bells and harp music and any or all in between.

(3)Now you are ready to colour! Be open to the NEW and draw in those things that sing to the beat of your heart. You have space to play with- so choose carefully. This will involve you Tuning into Your Passions, Your Gifts and your soul. What honours YOUR vibe, truly? Not another’s or not the world’s. Be-you-tiful. Be true to You. (I just released the recording of the first call for the Journey to Open Your Gifts of Earth. You can purchase it here. You will find this helpful and energetically moving if you keep having blocks to unearthing your Gifts for all the world to see.)

Get into the vibe of celebrating what remains in the period of no space- that is,


Want more magical colour-angel-joyful goodness?

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  1. Love this 🙂

  2. I TOTALLY needed to hear that about the cleaning out the space – completely, fully. Not just on the surface. so helpful. thank you

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