4 Ways to Find your Fire in the Darkness at the October Black Moon (Diwali Edition)

What a very energetic few days- New Moon in Scorpio, which is also a Black Moon; Diwali, the festival of lights; Halloween/Samhain; All Saint’s Day and I’m almost sure there is something that I missed in there. Samhain marks the beginning of the darker half of the year and the coming of winter in the Northern Hemisphere temperate regions. Overall, the theme is very much on overcoming the darkness within- and without.

img_20161031_1707245Today’s Astro Soul Oracle star spread is a reminder that the energies right now are supporting deep introspection and reflection on our energy and life force in the world. Scorpio is known as a master of the emotional sphere and the results moving forward also show a more even-keeled presence and contentedness. There is a surge of energy that is flowing through us all right now at the New Moon and it may cause some restlessness in the mind and even physical aches in the head. It is clearing the way to allow more of you to shine!

As you can see in the star spread, there are elements of fire (Aries, Fire Grand Trine) around the retrospection. There is a need to reignite that inner spark within as the path ahead is one of inspired action. There is a need also to temper the rising flames with movement and purpose and reawaken the fire within your soul. This follows a move from a focus on relationships with others to looking the most important one in the eye, the one with yourself.

How can you reignite that spark?

  1. By honouring this time of reflection and indulge in self-care.
  2. By taking action on passions of your heart, no matter how long or outdated they seem. Embers can reignite.
  3. By honouring your mind. This is a delicate time where things may appear confusing with so much emotional debris in the air. Surround yourself with people who can be gentle and honour your spirit too.
  4. By remembering your divine purpose and delving deep to hidden parts of you that are begging to be revealed in the world.

The Awaken Your Gifts 7 Day Challenge can help you achieve all of the above, step-by-step. You are most welcome to sign up for it here and begin your own journey to awaken your inner gifts right now.

Look forward to sharing in the blessings of this Scorpio season with you in the coming days.




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