5 Nightmares that people have when aligning with their Soul’s Highest Purpose

5 Nightmares that people have when it comes to aligning with their Soul’s Highest Purpose:

(1) Being caught red-handed at a crossroads, with no clue where to go next and no clear sign to help you take that next step.

(2) Just getting ready to take THAT big leap but cowering from the avalanche of self-sabotaging fears.

(3) Getting mixed messages from the Universe about your next step and not sure how to even interpret these messages that appear scrambled and confused themselves.

(4) Taking THAT leap but then appearing to fall back 5 steps backwards in that old, not-so-forgotten path

(5) Not having much real-world support for supersized, real-world goals.

Aligning with your Highest Purpose doesn’t have to be hard! It happens one step at a time.

Can you identify with any of the nightmares above? Share in the comments below.

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