5 Steps to Birthing a New Level of Relationship in your Life (New Moon in Taurus Edition)

Life runs on connections, relationships. As Spring blossoms, the seeds and visions of new life also start to sprout. Whether they are just about to break from their nap underground, germinating or further along the journey, these visions need tender loving care- just like a baby at conception. The ground must be prepared with good soil, the weeds must be removed and conditions for growth must be kept in check- water, light, nutrition, among others.

Today’s New Moon (May 26) falls in Taurus. Below is the Astro Soul Oracle spread for this lunation, which is very much aligned with the Taurean pleasure principle and bringing true (self) love into the equation of our relationships. Venus going direct also indicates now is a good time to focus on sowing the seeds of your heart’s desires in the connections you have and encounter from here on now.

How do we make the most of these energies? Here are 5 ways, using the guidance from the Astro Soul Oracle and the stages of new life:

  1. Eliminating pain by bringing in pleasure. Taurus calls you to listen to the desires of your body. Is there pain or discomfort somewhere? This is a time for indulging a little and remembering that is through your physical body you are able to connect with others in this world (otherwise you would be a ghost! 🙂 ). What is your body asking of you? Listen, feel and allow it to be in comfort and at ease. 
  2. Thinking outside the box of old ways in relationships. Venus is moving direct. The focus now is on moving ahead, moving forward into a future that is not defined by the mishaps of the past. You have the power to choose a new pattern for your relationships to follow in the future. When you start thinking it is possible, tools will begin to appear. It’s the nature of the Universe! 
  3. Building momentum and persisting with your visionTaurus bears the secret of going for the long haul. In other words, there is the energy of commitment to a bigger vision for yourself that you can tap into at this time. Even when you see no signs of change around you, there is a knowing that your hard work will be paid off in just a matter of time. Do yourself a favour and get to know what your vision looks like. 
  4. Supporting the body in joy. As mentioned before, these energies are very much in favour of attending to the wants and needs of your physical body. This is advised to be done in the space of love and releasing any feelings of guilt, shame or fear in doing so. You have every right to invest in your health and in so doing, your purpose and joy. There is an adventure waiting to be had if you only allow yourself the freedom to see it. In the process, you are also amping up your own connection with your inner self!
  5. Disconnecting from old contracts while opening up your heart and body to meet the NEW. Finally, you can really only truly step into a new level of relationship if you’ve detached enough from the past that it doesn’t keep ringing a bell at your door or calling your phone or taking up residence in your mind-space. If the past is living rent-free in your energy, it’s time to make room for a NEW life that does pay the rent and so much more. It is easier now to embrace this NEW because you know what it looks and feels like and are matching it energetically. 

    Noticed that I ended with the past? You need to be anchored sufficiently in the NEW vision you want before you can truly completely detach from the old patterns you want to let go. Remember, nature abhors a vacuum and if the old seeds are allowed to grow instead of new ones, it’s just going to create chaos, confusion and more of the same. Think that it’s too hard to keep aligned with your new vision on your own?

    Support and connections are essential to this process.

    It’s why I’ve created the 3-week Birthing the New: Overweight with the Past to Over the Moon with the Present programme.
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