5 Tips to Stick to Your Resolutions in 2019

The first New Moon of the New Year is happening today along with the first Solar Eclipse. Time has an interesting way of moving forward when noone is watching.

Did you make any new resolutions for this year? How are they faring? Before 2019 gets ahead of us, here are five tips to help you stick to your resolutions this year:

(1) Don’t bite more than you can chew. Be rational and reasonable with yourself and make sure the goals are within your mind’s grasp.

(2) Don’t stay stuck in old habits. Clear out the old and overgrown. Release the tired patterns so the new ones you want to welcome into your life feel at home.

(3) Do tune into your heart and the song of your soul as it sings now. If you listen carefully, you can hear more than ever more. Take the time out to reflect on what really you do want now that a new year has dawned. It may look different from the past!

(4) Do get out off the blocks early. Begin making changes sooner rather than later so you have a sense of accomplishment and inspiration to continue with your goals.

(5) Do get by with the help of friends, those on a similar mission with you. This cannot be underestimated. The energy of a group can magnify your intention and skyrocket your impact through taking powerful action.

Want to know the best part of all of the above? You can get support for them through the 21-Day Program called 2019: Activate! that starts January 7.

Don’t miss your chance to kick off your goals- big and small. They all add up to help you unveil the magical year that 2019 can be for you!


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