5 Ways to Receive Messages from Your Higher Self

There are so many ways that we receive guidance from our Higher Self and even nudges from our spiritual team throughout the day and night.

Are you listening?

Here are five channels through which you can receive as you go about your daily routine:

(1) Observe the way nature takes its form and shape around you. The elements have a way of mirroring what is most important to know. You can see this in an uncommon visitor that makes its presence known.

(2) Tune into your dreams. Your dreams and sleeping hours can relay deep insights to you particularly just before waking. Be sure that you are getting a deep sleep to tune into to the deepest part of you.

(3) Listen to the sounds and words coming from conversations and people in your surroundings. Ever been walking by nonchalantly and then overhear a word that you had been pondering just a while ago?

(4) Notice your body’s sensations. What is it telling you? Your body is a living messenger that relays strong and subtler messages. It is your companion for the road and has insight you cannot yet see with your physical eyes.

(5) Tune into your solar plexus and gut instinct. This is a messaging system that means business. It gives you a direct line to your personal truth. Relax, receive and be guided.

On this 11:11 Day of Sacred Alignment, it is a beautiful opportunity to receive these messages of spirit that are much louder and clearer.
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