A True Story about Hairdressing, Healing and Art

It started as just another visit to the hairdresser’s.

But over the course of my hair treatment, I realised that spas and hair salons must be one of the most challenging places to work in!

Why? People come in with their stories, and the salon provides a safe place to chit chat and release some baggage from the day.

But where does this go?

And what’s more, from an energetic standpoint, touching a person’s hair is interacting directly with a person’s energy. There is a lot of energy bound up in the hair (A good reason to keep your hair rinsed and clean!).

No wonder she was exhausted.

“What’s going on with the energy in this place, Sasha?”

I closed my eyes and zoned in. It was scattered, it was chaotic. And there were dark spots on the edges. I pointed to the entrance.

“Yes. That leads to an unused part of the building.”

It all made sense energetically.

But what could I do then. I myself did not have the physical strength to do a clearing.

“You know I wanted one of your paintings.”

I was doing Personalised Soul Paintings at that point but this was a step bigger than that.

“Whatever you do, do it so that it balances the energies in the room and clears the space.”

How brilliant. And how perfect- a painting that does the work of keeping energies balanced 24-7!

My right and left brain clicked.

And I got to work.

Two days, later I came up with this piece.

Balance in the Elements
Balance in the Elements

Six months later, and each time I enter her salon, the energy feels lighter and lighter. She feels it too.

“You know, Sasha, every time I start the day here I sit with this painting and I take a few moments to centre myself.

My clients enjoy it too. They feel better. I feel better. It’s more enjoyable to do work here each day.”

Isn’t it amazing how solutions are presented and when action is taken, change happens. The truth is that no matter where you work, it is important to be aware of energy and who you are.

I am honoured to be connected to someone who knows this intuitively and took the action to make a change. She was rewarded in very tangible ways in something as simple as job satisfaction to a feeling of being more at peace in a stressful environment.

To see more of my artwork like this, you may visit my Art Gallery and as I have started offering these, you may request a Personalised Space Painting for yourself right now.


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