• Life  – Healing Chronic Diseases Naturally using herbs and energy healing (Nephrotic (Kidney Failure) Syndrome, PCOS, Pneumonia, Digestive Disorders, Asthma, Neurological Damage, potentially many more that were not clinically diagnosed eg. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and Recovering from Near Death Experiences and Misdiagnosed – and Mistreated- Conditions and the side effects of drugs (Osteoporosis, Chronic Back Pain, General Debilitation, Painful Skin Scars)
  • Bachelor of Arts, Bio-Mathematics, Colgate University, Hamilton, N.Y.
  • Training in Quantum Touch, Reiki I and II, Angel Reiki, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Distance Healing.
  • Real-life dramatic 5oul awakening experiences that is allowing me to go even deeper energetically in session5
  • Training in Astrology Level 1- Foundations (Robin Armstrong School of Astrology)
  • Spiritually, through work with my own guides for Paintings, Intuitive Readings and Soul Level Healings (ongoing)
  • Web design- from 1998 – 2011, as a playground to express myself creatively but since 2012, as a means of bringing quality, precision and integrity to current standards

 I learnt through ‘normal means’ about medicine, but life also brought the learning straight to me in the form of illnesses, and experiences with doctors of all shapes and sizes. As someone with high standards for health care, the first person I was given to heal was myself. I remember once studying two months’ worth of information about respiratory illness. Concurrently, I showed signs of pneumonia that was not diagnosed until the symptoms were glaring. I struggled and suffered, and I know the deep pains that go beyond just dealing with an illness because I saw it through my own eyes and not just in a text book. There are many things that text books can’t teach and I can say now that I was privileged to experience the rollercoaster ride that healing can take one on…the fears, worries, doubts, feelings of isolation and the pain of many kinds and layers.

In the words of Albert Einstein, “Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.”


Here’s a little longer version of my experience, especially to do with my current services:

The early stages

There is something that changed the direction of my health and healing.

I felt I was dying- I could barely walk, barely breathe. In any moment, my life would go from me.

I used to say to myself in times like these – there’s a reason you’re still here, alive, fighting, after all of this, Sasha.

But this time these words didn’t sit well. It was much more urgent as I was bedridden and starting to really wonder about the purpose of my life.

I felt I was ready to jump into life and then it all fell apart.

The journey within a journey

I had the support of a couple closest friends and family beside me.

I needed to rescue my spirit first. It had been shot from my body thrice before.

I needed to allow it to feel at home.

But I also did something I never really did before then and magic followed.

The secret ingredient to my healing

I trusted myself enough to walk this path before me. I opened to whichever healers came before me. Exchanges were made for their services. For when you go from bedridden to walking within a few minutes, that seems miraculous. My eyes and heart were kept open as the miracles continued.

Because I was in such a critical state physically, lots of miracles happened one after the other.

I started gaining weight again and feeling the life pour through my veins.

In fact, life exploded.

The miracles within miracles

I was given access to a higher tone of energy that flooded my body. I started healing quickly.

Only then did the physical medicine in the form of supplements really kick in.

I saw the path of my healing and was guided to walk the journey, step by step, each day.

I am positive doctors had given up on me- and this was not the first time.

It only meant I could not give up on myself.

Back to square one

There was a reason that I was still here- and it was bigger than me.

What this means for you

One big part of it is to use my connection to a higher pulsating energy to help others who are in the space of almost giving up to heal from deep down. Really deep down, to the core.

Everyone has a story of how their illness came to be and have the love of spirit to help her along the way.

Do you know who and what are yours?



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