Are you hiding out in the closet with your soul gifts, for fear of what taking that next step with them will bring (even if it's just that little voice whispering bittersweet nothings in your head)?

What about all those past lives that cry out deja vu- not again!

It's time to flip that switch with the help of the past (via the Akashic Records) and also, the future (Soul Purpose Alignment Oracle) so that you can embrace the doorways opening to you NOW.

All questions around your soul's gifts, path and purpose are welcome such as:
What is the reason for the obstacles on my path?
What past life is connected to these?
How can I heal these blocks?
How can I align more with my soul's mission?
What soul gifts would I benefit from expressing now?
What past life can I tap into more to shine more of my inner light?
What must happen before I take that big leap?

Reading is approximately 1000 words long..

Heather May

I received an Akashic Breakthrough session with Sasha and the insights into my blocks were revealed. I had no idea what or where these blocks were. Sasha mentioned things from this lifetime and I received instant clarity confirming events that affected me that I had buried resulting in these blocks. I highly recommend Sasha..