Are you addicted to pain? Here’s how you can start to relieve yourself of the endless cycle.

(Disclaimer: You are entering a zone of NO judgement. Be honest with yourself for best results.)


You “may” be addicted to pain if:

  • you keep having the same symptoms for years and years
  • you have tried everything within reach
  • nothing seems to give you the relief you are looking for
  • you are frustrating but feel like there’s something missing that you are just not seeing
  • but then you have moments where you just feel like giving it all up…not letting go, but giving up. period.


Now, let me explain what being addicted to pain actually means. It is where you seem to be trapped with your foot on the gas but you can’t seem to get your foot off to the brakes…you know, for a break? It’s just more pain and more pain…and what seems like no rest for the weary. You may not even be making this decision consciously- who wants pain, right?


You may be holding on to this pain for dear life for any of the following reasons:

  • subconsciously, the pain may actually be keeping you in a safe place
  • this safe place is a place that is comfortable and is not as scary as
  • life without pain, and finally living life
  • think about it: if you had no pain, what would you do that is different to what you are doing now? Is there something that you fear putting your heart and soul into…? is that scary? would nagging pain make it easier to shut it all off?

Think about it.

If any of that resonates with where you are, here’s what you can do about it right now:

  1. Take the time to connect with your body. Be present with it. Give it your full attention. Deep breathing helps.
  2. Feel what lies beneath the pain. Feel the rawness of it…and the vulnerability of it.
  3. Allow what lies underneath to meet what’s on the surface.

You are on your way to healing yourself. But you must practise this mindful attention regularly.

It helps to work with a group who is doing the same and focused on achieving similar goals.

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