Are you joining the Mercury Retro party?

Mercury Retrograde – it’s a term often associated with much angst and fear. For those not familiar, the period from Oct 4-25 is the time when Mercury, which rules communication, moves backward and messages may get mixed up, and the minutest detail out of place can cause more havoc than usual. This is where all the technological mishaps can arise as technology is one area where it’s crucial to have connections in place. Humans can be forgiving but machines…just follow instructions.

This Mercury Retrograde period though is highlighting the need for clearer communication.

Which brings me to that old question: What’s one step forward, and two steps back? (what Mercury seems to do to us at this time)

The Cha-Cha!

You get to learn something new by going two steps backward.

And this month, the dance floor is opening up to allow us space to step back into the core issues that prevent us from communicating and living our purpose with wild abandon. Of course, every one will have different moves and different sort of core issues come up to deal with…but we are all dancing in this party!


Speaking of which, there’s an actual live party on October 4 to celebrate Mercury Retrograde and get on the dance floor together as we celebrate and unwrap our Gifts of Communication! Click here to join.


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