Aries New Moon Astro Soul Oracle Update: Make Love Not War (Spring Edition)

Happy New Moon in Aries!

Aries delivers and aura of confident action and impulsive optimism It’s associated organs are to be found in the head and don’t be surprised if suddenly there is a greater tendency to accidents more than usual. It is important to take the time to calm your mind and your steps.

Eyes on the Skies

This time features the energies of Venus Retrograde very strongly in addition to the Aries New Moon. Connections of the heart are being called up for healing with two more weeks still left of this influence. The Aries New Moon packs a punch as usual to shift things up and make new beginnings in this area. Aries marks the start of the astrological New Year so this New Moon is a very auspicious one for laying down foundations for the months ahead. Aries is the leader and pioneer and the one who will make the changes needed for the next phase.

Special Guest Appearance

But not before a message from Pegasus:


Make Love, Not War 
White-winged one,
I see you as you see me,
And together we shall forge ahead,
In the light of our love and
Sweet love of your light.

On the wings of Love we fly
With your mission at hand
And your passions at heart
Free to touch the sky
As we wander where our spirit roams

No fear, no war, only love.

The Astro Soul Oracle Forecast

Pegasus represents the energy at this time of the New Moon. He brings a light-heartedness around your soul’s mission and expression of your divine talents. There is a certain freshness that Aries brings along with the potential for forging stronger friendships that are rooted in love. The last few weeks may have raised an awareness of the lack of heart connection in certain relationships in your life. What does not serve your spiritual purpose and is not respectful of your abilities must be reexamined but according to Pegasus, with light and swift action.

This is how you can best use these combined energies now and the result brings your inner child back to the forefront in JOY, CAREFREE SPIRIT AND PLAY!

You’ve got to surround yourself with those who celebrate you, respect you and your visions of heart. This is what makes your work lighter and more enjoyable.

There is a past that shows many doorways opening and vast potential. The idea here is to know that as one door shuts, many more swing open – just in time for Spring!


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The energies of the New Moon in Aries lasts for about 2 weeks. Use it wisely by sowing the seeds of love and taking inspired action.



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