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Have you ever felt that astrology is something you'd like to know more about, but the vastness of it just glides over your head like a comet burning up on contact with Earth..?
Traditional astrology is a powerful, complex and beautiful system of decoding your blueprint based on your unique time stamp on entry on this planet. It also describes the effects of planetary positions on an ongoing basis in unquestionable detail and with variable interpretations.

Astrology loses its connection to you when it doesn't honour your soul's contribution to the puzzle.

In the words of Edgar Cayce: ‘Astrology is a fact, in most instances. But astrological aspects are but signs, symbols. No influence is of greater value or of greater help than the Will of an individual.

So what's the missing link in powerful revelations with Astrology? It's YOU! 

The Astro Soul Oracle returns your power back to you. It allows you to connect REAL-TIME based not only on the current star-scape outside but the changes within too.
After all, As Above, So Below.

The Birth of the Astro Soul Oracle- The Astro Soul Portraits!

I had been graced with the idea for the Astro Soul Portrait in the summer of 2009.  The idea filled me with so much joy. The process of transposing a person’s birthchart into an artpiece was and is still indescribable. I can never truly foretell what a painting may be. as there is an element of not only astrology but soul as well. I listen to the soul while the painting evolves with a solid grounding of Astrology. The result is a memento that can help trigger a deeper knowing of oneself and one’s purpose as well as provide healing and comfort.

Not too long after, I developed an illness that challenged my spirit. I had left the paintings behind at this point. In this space of my own healing, I returned once more to Astro Soul Portraits. After doing a good number of these paintings, I saw certain patterns and I realised that the planets can be there for us all regardless of the planetary configurations.

The Astro Soul Oracle was born in 2013.

The Astro Soul Portrait is a celebration of your unique personality traits as defined by your blueprint in your astrological chart. It combines aspects of an intuitive soul painting with key elements of your personality. The result is a picture of your most brilliant, radiant, soul-defying self in the form of a painting. This is a snapshot of your essence as you walk about your daily life from the eyes of the cosmos. It is typically set in a natural landscape.

Gallery of Commissioned Astro Soul Portraits: 
These paintings can be seen as tools to help focus energy into living the highest expression of yourself. They can help making your dreams a living reality, day by day, keeping you in check by reminding you of your own living potential.

Couple's Astro Soul Portrait: Mom and Daughter
Astro Soul Portrait: Travels, Knowledge and Intuition
Couple's Astro Soul Portrait: Mom and Son
Astro Soul Portrait as part of Soul Care Package
Couple's Astro Soul Portrait: Mother and Son
Astro Soul Portrait: Soul Catalyst

The stars are aligning for you to receive their timeless wisdom while you participate in the cosmic dance through the gift of your INTUITION.

The Oracle Cards

There are 42 Astro Soul Oracle cards and 12 Sun Sign Cards for a total of 54 cards.

The Astro Soul Oracle cards represent key patterns in astrology such as: New Moon, Full Moon, Solar Eclipse, the 12 Houses, Planets, Trines, and so on.

The Sun Sign cards represent the attitudes and personality flavour through the 12 Sun Signs.

The cards come with a guidebook.

Sample Video Reading


Astro Soul Oracle Updates:

I’ve received two amazing readings from Sasha. One from the deck she personally created, and one from her Crystal Healing cards. Both were beautiful readings that came at the perfect time and were totally on point. Sasha is warm, sensitive and insightful. Its a delight to receive readings from her.

Danie Johnston

The cards described exactly how I was feeling. I felt comforted, enlightened, and relieved after the session having released so much from my chest. I feel much more positive going forward.

Sherina H.

My Astro Oracle reading with Sasha was exactly what I needed. For the past 2 weeks I’ve intensely worked to build my business and felt like it wasn’t working. I was so excited to have my reading and see what the next 9 months would be like. She was dead on with with my present situation and the healing she recommended (the investigative scorpio). The reading showed me that I was on the right path and that all the drama I currently feel would clear up in the next 3 months. Knowing this really put me at ease and for the first time in a long time, I’ve been able to focus and more productive. I even landed a new client! My world has shifted. Thank you!!

Monique Welch

Ready to consult the Astro Soul Oracle?

Here are your options:


Your questions answered with an intuitive reading

40 Min Skype Session or 20 Min Video Reading or Written Reading

  • Intuitive insights with the help of Astrology and Soul
  • Includes Healing Recommendations


 3 Months Worth of Fortnightly Readings 

  • You can use these within 5 days of a Full Moon and 5 days of a New Moon. These times carry potent energy for healing.
  • Total of 6 Readings- each to be used as a 30 Minute Skype Session or a Written Reading. on 1-2 questions or a 15 minute Video Reading


No credit card required.


Your Personalised Portrait

Single- 10" by 12"

  • Portrait of One Person
  • Booklet with written interpretation, brief astro soul oracle forecast


Couple- 12" by 16"


  • Portrait of Two as a Couple
  • Booklet with written interpretation, brief astro soul oracle forecast

No credit card required.


Get the Astro Soul Oracle Deck

TBA Soon!

  • 42 Astro Soul Oracle Cards
  • 12 Sun Sign Cards
  • 1 Guidebook
  • Access to 'How to Use the Astro Soul Oracle' Video Series


 Astro Soul Oracle Card Deck + 50% off SuperNova Intuition: 4 week Oracle Reading and Astrology Course

  • Develop your intuition by learning to work with oracle cards
  • Gain deeper understanding of the Astrology of the Astro Soul Cards so you can make sense of your own birthchart!


No credit card required.


Get it all- the deck, the painting and your questions answered!

Use within 3 months of purchase

  • 2 Decks of Astro Soul Oracle Cards
  • 3 Months Worth of Fortnightly Readings
  • I Astro Soul Portrait (Couple or Single)
  • Access to 'How to Use the Astro Soul Oracle Cards' Video Series


No credit card required.

I commissioned two soul portraits to be done for my sister and nephew & my sister-in-law and her son. Both women cried when they read & saw the art. It has become a piece to meditate with for both families. They were so accurate & beautifulI can't wait to get one done for myself!

Jacqui Wilkins

I love love love it! I feel as if it (the painting) were delivered by the angels and fairies!!!!”

Shelby Jean Matonak, on receipt of her Couple's Astro Soul Portrait

I was very happy to receive the Soul Portrait skillfully crafted from Sasha Niala. Not only is it a beautiful work of art, it is quite accurate in terms of my own soul dynamics also. Thank you Sasha! ~

Irma Kaye Sawyer, Bright Star Consulting Services

Special Appearances with the Astro Soul Oracle:

Check out my interview with Angela Wilkinson of The Awakened Goddess Show below:

Sasha Niala
Creative Catalyst- Visionary Artist, Energy Healer, Intuitive Reader, Natural Medicine Practitioner

About the Creator

Sasha Niala is an energy healer, natural medicine practitioner and soul artist. Her work is focused around empowering driven, multitalented women to fully harness and unleash their talents while creating a vibrant, healthy life despite the struggles of the past.

The present and the future is a gift and a path to be chosen.

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Knowledge of self returns you to your Creative Power, grounding your dreams into Real Life where they belong.

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