Feeling like one wrong step will put your health in limbo? Here are 3 tips to bring your body quickly into balance.

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As we celebrate the natural midpoint of the year, depending on how sensitive we are, we may be feeling a wide range of things. These feelings may be directly related to the shifts that are taking place- Sun into the Sign of Cancer, the Solstice, Jupiter making a turn from Gemini into Cancer, the moon lining up at its closest position to Earth, followed by the full moon among the bigger shifts. If I can sum it all up I will say “Feel Big”

While all this is happening in the sky, our bodies may be on edge in the land of uncertainty.

With your own shifts in thinking, you can change the experience of feeling like you are either stepping in ice or fire, and that one step in the wrong direction may topple over all the progress you made.

1. Inhale

Connect to yourself, and breathe into the core of who you know you are on the inside. Strengthen the connection to your spiritual team, your true friends and your family of heart. Listen for their words of wisdom.

Most importantly, hear your own voice and heart whispers amidst the chaos of the outside world.


2. Exhale

Let go of the need to have everything in control right now. Allow yourself to be guided to the tools of the purest, highest vibration that can best help your soul, heart, mind and body at this time. Not everything in your path may work for you and that is normal because we are all attuned to different things. But to avoid unnecessary pain, confusion, wastage of money and time, it is best to become familiar with who you are before seeking professional assistance for your health.


3. Follow through

Now that you are energised from within, it’s time to seal your success by keep doing more of the same. For every tool you use on your physical body, it is best to support that from the foundation with a tool to strengthen the non-physical bodies. Feed your body with health food, your heart with loving support, your mind with forward-thinking thoughts and your soul with the truth of who you are. The latter takes some more effort but it is rewarding on many levels.


I challenge you to keep looking out for ways to strengthen yourself in all directions.        

Of course, if you need extra help especially with holding up a mirror to your soul, you may take up any one of my services.



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