• 3 Tips to Align Yourself for Massive Success at the Virgo Full Moon

    Full Moons are a time for reflection, releasing and letting go of what is no longer aligned with us, and this one in Virgo is especially so when it comes to our purpose and mission.

    Under this Full Moon, you may feel the temporary discomfort and heaviness of all that is being dredged up to be purified and transformed for the better.

    The blessing here is that you are better able to not only see but face the darkness courageously so that you can heal yourself. The result is that you sync up with your path and purpose more closely and easily and pave the way for your long-term success.

    Here are three tips to help you use these energies to align with your purpose and the success in store for you:

    1. REST & REFLECT. These Full Moon energies may compel you to lay low for a bit and recharge yourself. This is a precious time to reflect on where you are now but also your journey of late.

    2. PURIFY. Clean out your space. Some things or ways of operating may show up their faults more clearly. You may be given the opportunity to replace these outdated things or ideas with new ones. Can be a great time for an internal cleanse too!

    3. GET ORGANISED. Now that you have a little more space to breathe, it’s the perfect time to sort out all those odds and ends lying around. This energy helps you dive straight to the task and just get it done already. Give yourself the freedom to make a breakthrough.

    How are the Virgo Full Moon energies working their magic for you? Which of the three above have you been feeling drawn to the most?

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  • NO HOLDS BARRED – 3 Mindset Shifts to Lift the Limits on Your Business Growth [Full Moon in Leo edition]

    The Full Moon in Leo is here with a bold arrival, shining a light on the ways we may have kept ourselves ‘safe’ and ‘hidden’.

    As I tuned into the energy, these words popped out: ‘No Holds Barred’

    It is a perfect description of what this energy is highlighting – everywhere where we have dimmed our light and tucked ourselves safely in the corner in order to protect ourselves from possible hurt or failure or not make others uncomfortable.

    When it comes to business growth, this can have serious consequences that not only affect our personal sense of fulfilment as we may even talk ourselves out of our big dreams (‘who am I to think I can be THAT big?’, ‘what do I really have to offer here?’) but also importantly, our outcomes of success such as the number of soul clients we end up helping and the flow of money we receive (limiting our impact, income and material ambitions).

    Leo energy strides in confidently right on time for us to connect with the FULLNESS, RICHNESS and WONDER of our dreams and to truly step into that magical space.

    Here are three shifts we can make to use this energy to visualise, feel and draw the energy of our big dreams forward, the very first step in manifesting them!

    1. Old limiting thought: ‘Who am I to think I can be someone who can help people in this way when there are so many others better than me?’
      New NO HOLDS BARRED thought: I have a unique combination of talents, experience and wisdom that make me suited to help my soul client, the person who resonates and aligns with what I can offer. I am blessed to be able to use my gifts to contribute positively to the world around me in my special way.

    2. Old limiting thought: ‘Marketing my business is too pushy and is not in alignment with my spiritual values and belief that the Universe has my back’
      New NO HOLDS BARRED thought: ‘When I stand in alignment with my soul, higher purpose and business vision, the steps I choose to take are also in alignment with my path. Letting others know about my business is one way I can allow the Universe to help me. The more I market in a way that feels good, the more of my soul tribe and clients I can reach and potentially serve.’
    3. Old limiting thought: ‘Pursuing financial success might compromise my spiritual principles. You can’t have both at the same time.’
      New NO HOLDS BARRED thought: ‘As above, so below. Financial success is a means to my end goal and dream of uplifting the world around me. It allows me to amplify my impact and expand my reach so that I can participate in a greater flow of giving and receiving. My spiritual principles help me use my finances in a responsible and ethical way, staying in integrity with my mission and purpose as a guiding light. I deserve to be abundantly supported in my mission.’

    Which of the above resonates with you as a mindset shift that can help you catapult your business forward?

  • Reevaluating goals and moving forward strongly with the New Moon in Capricorn

    Feeling like you didn’t quite catch the train for the new year?

    Have no fear! The Capricorn New Moon is here.

    This new moon not only gives us a powerFULL charge to our career goals and aspirations, but also helps us to shine a light on what goals and dreams are most aligned with us now.

    This realignment helps us to get behind our goals, more involved and more embodied and immersed in them. This translates to more drive and energy to put our two feet together in the direction of forward movement.

    If you forgot what your dreams look and feel like, this is your opportunity to taste that whiff of success and the scent of satisfaction as you get moving along.

    Check out the Full Video message below:

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    One of the most important duties of being an entrepreneur is to not only understand what you would like to impart to the world through your work, but also to convey that in a way that your audience can easily understand.

    In your business marketing, you would also benefit from connecting adequately with your potential clients’ pain points in such a way that builds trust and relatability, showing them that you can put yourself in their shoes and understand how they may be feeling.

    Your challenge is to do this in a way that also stays true to you and your unique style and flavour. This can seem like an uphill task.

    Truthfully, how many times have you started writing a newsletter or social media post and felt yourself stuck indefinitely on the first word?

    It can be so much easier and quicker than that.

    Let’s call in the nightingale for some much-needed guidelines on how to go about all of this business of communicating your message clearly in the most effective ways.

    Here’s how the nightingale does it and how you can too:

    1. Nightingales are known for their beautiful, melodious, rich songs. They are capable of a greater range of sounds than most birds with a greater portion of the brain involved.

    Tip: You are capable of producing captivating copy and words that arouse emotions (and we know emotional reactions are what sells). Once you tune into more of your real self, expressing this part of you becomes effortless.

    2. Nightingales sing to communicate with each other. In particular, the male nightingales sing to attract the females during the mating season.

    Tip: Your unique voice will undoubtedly be what draws in your soulmate clients to you. Don’t be afraid to sing YOUR song.

    3. NIghtingales can improvise and adapt their songs to their environment. They also refrain from singing during the nesting season so that they would not also attract predators.

    Tip: You can shift the way you relay your message according to your environment through your choice of words and tone. This does not take away from the real, core message itself.

    4. Nightingales spend a lot of time practising and honing their singing abilities.

    Tip: Learning to express yourself clearer is a skill that can be learned. Don’t be afraid to try and fail and learn new techniques and ways to express yourself and your message.

    5. Nightingales use complex vocalisations that are clear and distinct to communicate with each other.

    Tip: Pay attention to your choice of words, rhythms and tones as well as non-verbal cues like body language. You communicate through all of you, with our without words.

  • Feeling disconnected from your business? Here are 3 steps to get your mojo back

    The energies surrounding this Taurus New Moon can help you reconnect with your purpose and business, Taurus brings Earth energy forward but also helps us to embrace our deep desires, pamper ourselves and fill our cup with self-care. Space and time seems to expand to allow this to happen.

    If you feel a disconnect from your business, these are perfect energies to help you ground yourself and reconnect with a greater flow of abundance in your business. <br><br>Here are three steps you can take right now to do this:


    Okay, let’s be honest- what you resist, really does persist. So if you aren’t quite ‘feeling’ your business and things seem cloudy and confusing, take a moment to step back. Don’t force the feeling. Give yourself the much-needed space and time (luckily there is a great abundance of this now) to recharge and regroup so you can come back even stronger.

    Fan the flames of your desires

    Now this is where things get exciting as you get grooving with yourself again. Indulge yourself in those things that light you up outside of your business. Nothing will be lost when you return. You will instead gain in passion, joy and even fresh ideas and inspiration that are more aligned with where you’re at now

    Reconnect with purpose

    When you’re ready, and only when you feel the joy bubbling in your heart and excitement buzzing through every cell of your body, return to your business from this new energised space. Get ready to be blown away by your own progress as your persistence pays off big time!

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    Enjoy these juicy, rich and delightfully productive energies of the New Moon!