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Birthing The NEW: Overweight with the Past to Over the Moon with the Present in 3 weeks

even if you've tried to cut loose before with your old ways and quit thinking about old relationships and habits but are left feeling guilty for going back in that dusky place one more time for one more...just one more taste and memory that invites you to drop your goals for a second...or week
and then later watch back as you stand even further away from the person you would like to be and feeling a bit disconnected from your big vision

so that you can finally step into the new shoes and shiny health (im)patiently waiting on your doorstep!...along with your new, 'perfect' partner in crime while feeling comfortable, ALIVE, ENERGISED and GLOWING in your skin in all ways- spiritually, mentally, emotionally and PHYSICALLY!

You'd think the past would get tired by now...but fragments of it keep replaying like a badly bruised record...that just doesn't know how to give up!

But it keeps rearing its head, whether through unhealthy habits or thoughts you KNOW you've already done with and over. After all, you've been there and done that. And are NOT going back there, NO WAY!

It gets quite convincing at times pulling you back away from your goals and dreams and seducing you to reach for the thing you don't want...but for some reason, crave. Your head says no but somewhere in your heart you still say yes to the past and the habits you had that you know were no good for you such as...

  • stressful situations that lead you to burnout mode where you...just can't do much else but zzzzzz
  • emotional turmoil and relationships of conflict that also leave you feeling flat and unsure of the future
  • situations where you felt voiceless and that your words didn't count
  • UNLOVING and UNKIND habits of coping with stress that leave you burnt out and without fuel to keep going past what you absolutely must
  • unhealthy weight gain or loss and hormonal imbalance that affects your mood in a vicious cycle that you can't seem to get off the wheel that keeps spinning

Especially now that you've grown and are growing forward into *something* GRAND! But like a boomerang, the past pulls you back with just a thought...and keeps you farrrr, very farrr away from your new life.

Gosh, it's just TIME to step forward without that heavy load on your back - the physical weight, emotional fallout and fatigue- that blocks you from bouncing forward. And I know you know I know that you can!

The danger of leaping with one foot holding on to the past and one foot dangling in the Present

Apart from being a daredevil sport.

There's some part of you that keeps telling the rest of you: 'Hey guys, there's something here you gotta check out'. 

Have you tried shoving it away only to find that it comes back again in your face. 

What you resist why not hear what it has to say because:

Your intention will be your anchor.

It was a very wise guy who said: "The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new."

What keeps you stuck in places you don't want to be

There are three core challenges that arise in times of transition:

(1) Staying accountable and true to your vision. You left the past behind for a reason, no? This is where when the past comes knocking, you are sufficiently anchored that you can make an empowered decision or be amused by it.

(2) Being held back by past failures and the 'what if' syndrome? What if it happens again? But what if not? This is where you break the bonds of fear and walk free in the new environment, ready to make new connections and embrace the new vision in your mind.

(3) Not following the natural cycles and your body's wisdom for numerous reasons such as fear, stress and doubt. The result is often an inability to drop the heaviness in your body and blocking yourself from flowing with greater energy, new connections that honour you now and a renewal of health.

I'm sure if you knew you could have the blessings of the New near you with less struggle, less waiting and less fighting the old, you would want that...

After all, it's already yours.

You just need to claim it with the CORE parts of you in agreement and in readiness, anchored firmly in what's to come!!
(Think about all the stories your mind tells you about why the future you dream about will never happen).

So how do you anchor the New, Vibrant You with higher energy and radiant health, awe-inspiring abundance and the blessings of beautiful connections?

Through the portal of the physical body! Each part of the body stores within it a particular array of chemical and energetic messages that reflect your health. The body is a mirror so let's make sure it's squeaky clean so that what comes in your future is truly the world of YOUR dreams. Remember, Birthing the NEW into your life is just like birthing a baby- it requires preparation and caring for your body's loyal workers.

In times of change, there are three organ groups that are called into bigger roles and take the greatest shocks. These organs together are responsible for hormonal balance and TRANSMITTING THE INFORMATION TO OUR BRAIN. They are very important in resetting a new pattern from inside-out. By attending to the WHOLE HEALTH of these organs, you allow your body the grace, ease and energy to BIRTH and EMBODY the New You! (And it's no surprise that these organs are the first to suffer in transition periods- but the weakness is also your strength and secret ally!)

The Organs (in no order of importance):

    These organs take a hit during change and stressful situations. When overworked and out of balance, they can produce a state of wiredness or exhaustion.

    (1) Activities that constantly push you past your limit
    (2) Shock and panic mode when your life-saving adrenaline kicks into action
    (3) Constant worry and fear about the future that trickle into your eating habits and life balance where you may eat a lot or work a lot as a result.
    (4) Poor energy balance and immune system function

    These organs are called into play when you are called to speak the truth of your heart. When overworked and out of balance, they can produce a state of chaos and mental confusion.

    (1) Situations that force you to be quiet or feel threatened
    (2) Acts of betrayal that hit close to home and disrupt your sense of who you are as a person
    (3) Situations where you feel unsupported in expressing your passions
    (4) Chronic anxiety, self-doubt and second-guessing actions you've made

    The reproductive organs are alerted when you co-create relationships, new ideas and life into being. When out of balance, they can result in creative blocks and cause tensions in relationships and can leave you feeling drained.

    (1) Relationships that challenge your idea of your values and may cross your boundary lines
    (2) Situations where what you give and receive is not in balance
    (3) Outer world messages that affect your creative ideas and de-stabilise the foundations on which they are built.

Bringing Home the New Via the Layers of Your Body!

  • Spiritual
    You first must merge with the Sacred Vision that is most aligned with You and the highest vision of the Universe for you. Think of this as a blank canvas you can paint and ANIMATE into being. The greater you can SEE this, the more seamless the process becomes!
      • Emotional and Mental
        Transforming the negative thoughts and beliefs such as:
        - inability to express what you need to say
        - challenges in dealing with stressful situations
        - creative blocks
        - relationship tensions and denting of your self-worth through betrayal

        Working with negative thoughts and beliefs can take you into connecting with your inner child, releasing past trauma, forgiveness of those who have hurt you, dissolving patterns within your family and recovering fragmented parts of your soul affected by all of the above situations! 
        As you can see, it's quite a lot and the best way to the other side is THROUGH. No judgments- we all have our baggage! :)
  • Physical
    Tending to the physical health of each organ through the right foods and an environment that supports it (and creating one where it doesn't exist). Your body is attuned to the physical world by the senses. This is why sounds, colour, touch, plants, minerals, animal energies, movement and breathing exercises are potent cues for healing the physical body.

What makes me fit to help you in these confusing times

I've been trained to understand and treat illness using a holistic, natural model of health that recognises the body's innate capacity to heal. Over the last 8 years, I have done more than a thousand intuitive readings with clients who come in moments of change- having just ended a relationship or moving onto another enterprise and place. These times also come with great stress and a fog of confusion, which also happens when the focus is so much outside of oneself- far away from the physical body, which is the closest to the NEW one can get. I've guided people over the years through situations that require a strong hold on their sense of self and power- to stand up for themselves as the changes roll into their lives. Through this work and from my training, I've identified certain key patterns that are activated in times of change.

But I've also had some health scares myself. When I moved from one place to another and started a new way of being, certain things followed without realising: the homesickness for the past (HEART), the weariness in keeping up with a new way of being and speaking my truth (ADRENALS, THYROID) and the difficulty in forming new connections and living in the present NEW (REPRODUCTIVE). My entire body it seemed went through a period of shock and my health suffered as expected in all of these areas above. It was through those experiences that eventually took me to a place where medical doctors gave up that I was able to put the pieces together for myself and recognise the extreme importance of supporting the body through big life changes. After all, it is the portal to the NEW and in order to arrive at a new level, it must also keep up with in tandem.

'Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.' ~ Alexander Graham Bell

You don't need to suffer the intense growing pains of the physical body if you take the time to care for it.

*Hormones are the messengers of the body and they also need attention at this time. They are agents of change and your secret allies in bringing home the new with ease. 

Bringing Your Body on Board with BIRTHING THE NEW:
The 3 by 3 System      

The step-by-step system to tune your body for change so that it comes effortlessly to you- without taxing your body's resources and instead, facilitating deep healing where it matters most

The 3 by 3 system has layers at each step:

    1. 3 Weeks of Support, from a Group on board with the same mission and from me! You will get daily feedback on the Online Course Forum as well as a LIVE Group Call each week with Hot Seat Sessions to fire you up with passion for the New.

      It takes 3 Weeks to create a new pattern in the brain and form a new habit.
      If you see each pattern you work with as a seed, imagine how many sprouts you will see at the end of this time- this is the NEW Life that has hidden from your view for so long!
    2. Focus on the Three Organ Groups (Adrenals, Thyroid and Heart and Reproductive Organs) called into action in response to impending change around and within the body. You will optimise each of these organs for overall health and greater energy not just spiritually but physically, mentally and emotionally too (see below).
      The NEW brings with it an abundance of energy and information that can cause your body to crash and get hit where it hurts the most.
      You may feel sluggish, heavy, moody, and just...can't...but...have to push through.
      The effects may be felt in weight gain, low mood and loss of drive (see image).You may even feel guilty of feeling all of this and unable to accept the changes as they come. A little ironic, don't you think?
    3.  Healing each of these Organs with the Three Traffic Light Goals:
      (1) Spiritual - Healing Deep Confusion  that generates a fuzzy picture and chaotic set of rules for each organ to follow.

      (2) Mental and Emotional -  Healing emotional baggage and repeating thoughts that keep you plugged into the past. You may have difficulty detaching and moving forward even if that place already exists!

      (3) Physical - Soothing and supporting the organs in their roles.
      Any condition you have that affects these organs and produces symptoms such as anxiety, mood changes and weight changes would be greatly helped as well as the metaphysical symptoms such as an inability to focus and feel passion, create or speak from your heart. 

N.B.-You can follow the system at your own pace and from where you are right now in your process of birthing the NEW and letting go of the dramas of the past!

The best part of this system is that you can customise your experience- how often you can view the videos and can complete the tasks. You also get to decide what part is important for you. You will have accountability check-ins with every Group Call.

No two people are the same and this system is adaptive to your needs and where you are in conception journey- whether you're just starting or have months and years behind you. If you are drawn to these words, this a good sign you are right about READY TO BRING YOUR BABY HOME!

Recent Words from Clients

“if in full-blown panic mode or....a calmer place”

"Sasha is amazing - she can help you no matter what level of consciousness you are at, and indeed has helped me no matter if I've been in full-blown panic mode or asking more spiritual questions from a calmer place...
I have been receiving guidance and counseling from her periodically for a year or two now, and her insight has been consistently accurate and so helpful (even when it wasn't necessarily what I wanted to hear in the past). She is also just a genuinely kind and generous person. Talking with her is comforting. I am deeply appreciative for her help today and recommend her to anyone who needs intuitive guidance or feedback. :)

Samantha W (Intuitive Reading)
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“feel like a weight has been lifted from my heart”

"I had a session with Sasha yesterday and it totally transformed my day! Went from barely being able to get out of bed to cleaning the house, running errands and running my business! Highly recommend to anyone needing support or a boost! I feel like a weight has been lifted from my heart and I now have the energy to go about my day!"

Lynsey Landry (Breakthrough Session)

“health concerns, anxiety or emotional blocks”

"I would recommend Sasha to anyone with health concerns, anxiety or emotional blocks. Realizing when my health concerns started has helped me realized other important things too that are huge. I really appreciated the insights and the meditation. The imagery is firmly with me. My entire session was excellent. Our discussion, the meditation and my insights were spot on."

Shannon Lucas-Westrum (Health Breakthrough Session)
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“magical, soothing and serendipitous”

A session with Sasha Niala is magical, soothing, and serendipitous! She takes you on a magical journey that at times feels fantasy like, and little by little the images and stories come together and you see your whole life, your challenges, your blocks your dreams so clearly that all you can do is be reenergized and inspired. It’s an experience like no other . I laughed, took deep sighs, and had many aha moments through the process. Sasha has a true gift.

Taryn Pyle (Re-connective Healing Journey)

Birthing the NEW:
Course Outline

  • Week 1 (May 10- May 16) : DeSTRESS with the Adrenals 
    Healing fatigue, exhaustion, FEAR and the effects of prolonged stress. 
    (VIDEO) Filling your cup first. Guided healing meditation to cleanse and restore the function of the adrenal glands and replenish your energy reserves lost to negativity, shock and stress.
    (VIDEO) Guided activity to release the fear and stress around the incoming new and any other lingering fears from the past that are blocking the flow of positivity and vitality.
    (VIDEO) Guided activity to get the adrenals flowing and balanced so that you still have energy at the end of a long day.
    *Group Call (May 6/7): Space and time for you to share what you've discovered over the past week and receive feedback in the Hot Seat.

  • Week 2 (May 17- May 23) : Release HURT and FREE the Heart and Thyroid
    Healing grief, disappointment, abandonment, loneliness, difficulty expressing oneself and being true to oneself
    (VIDEO) Guided healing meditation to release the heaviness sitting in the heart and invite joy and true love meant for you.
    (VIDEO) Guided healing meditation to release the pain and sadness at not being able to express oneself truly especially to loved ones and reinvigorate your voice.
    (VIDEO) Guided activity to release the emotional baggage tucked away in the heart and memories of insults to the thyroid. Includes a technique for forgiving the ones who hurt you the most.
    (VIDEO) Guided activity to get the heart pumping in a soothing rhythm and the thyroid moving along in harmony so that you feel stronger, LIGHTER and more radiant.
    *Group Call (May 13/14): Space and time for you to share what you've discovered and learn more from others. You can also receive more guidance in the Hot Seat.

  • Week 3 (May 24-30) :  Release ABUSE and UNBLOCK the Reproductive Organs
    Healing guilt, shame, betrayal, disrespect and abuse, 'failures' and conflicts in relationships, imbalance in giving and receiving
    (VIDEO) Guided Healing meditation to dissolve the pain and trauma left from relationship tensions and to transmute it into light for creation.
    (VIDEO) Guided activity to heal the remaining negativity around past relationships and past creations- including those that were aborted or abandoned. 
    (VIDEO) Guided exercise to get the reproductive organs recharged and in tune with the natural cycles so that you feel more calm, confident and secure.
    *Group Call (May 20/21) : Space and time for you to share, grow and create with others. Hot Seat sessions included.

    *You'll have access to the call recordings.


  • Intention and desire to let go of the attachments and weights that anchor you in the past
  • Two Hours per week, including at least one hour of implementation.
    *Best results achieved with a three-hour commitment per week.


  • Support system (Facebook Group, Online Course Forum, Me) and accountability check-in with your vision of your New. If you feel that you require more, check out the VIP Package below.
  • Clearly defining your Vision of the New and meeting it halfway through guided meditations and creative en-visioning
  • Clearing old patterns that surround the heaviness of the past in these three core areas: speaking your truth and expressing your heart freely, having clear boundaries so you are not abused or taken for granted and going into overdrive where you feel exhausted
  • Restoring your physical body through simple tweaks, forming new habits that re-wire your brain and physical exercises.


  • Clearing the fog of heavy emotions from the past blocking your vision and excitement for the future
  • Clearer vision of what's to come as well as moving forward step-by-step to embrace it
  • Support in changing and uncertain times of transition where you may not know which way things are going to go next
  • Breakthroughs around your physical and emotional health that may have escaped you in the past
  • Feeling more confident and secure in the future that awaits you (where once there was doubt if it would ever happen)
  • Balancing out of mood and energy


  • Weight loss of body, heart and mind
  • Increased energy and inner strength
  • Improved health in any of the three areas targeted
  • Balancing of hormones and mood regulation
  • Grace and ease in embracing and manifesting the NEW
  • Greater opportunities and connections that are more aligned with who you are now

Sasha Pustam
Creator of Birthing the New,
Energy Healer, Intuitive & Natural Medicine Consultant

About the Course Creator

Sasha is a natural, integrative healer and soul artist. She empowers women to develop their innate talents while receiving the blessings of abundant health and vitality. You need energy for your work of purpose and purpose to unleash your energy.  These two hands do clap in a creative flow of positivity. 

Sasha has created the Birthing the New Live e-course to help tune into the body as the crucible and marker of change in the outer world. In times of change, when the New streams in, it does so gracefully in a body that is in a state of readiness. As within, so without. This course is also designed to help with the specific issues of weight loss or gain, burnout and stress that comes with transitions. Love your body, the transmitter of the New.

 'Nature abhors a vacuum, ' Aristotle.
Will the blank slate be filled with old stories of the past or the fab destiny that awaits you? 

What about divine timing? Can't I just wait until it all unfolds... 

The Universe has your back, always. But you are the one to set things in motion. Through your words and energy, your life is manifested: 'Abracadabra!'
How many more missed opportunities and exciting experiences can you afford to lose...because your energy is screaming, 'not yet, I don't think I'm ready!'
Life is counted in experiences. There is often much frustration and sadness when you do not meet those expectations of your divine blueprint deep down in your soul.

Are you ready to meet yours that is brimming with passion and where the weight of the past no longer has control over you in unhealthy habits and persistent thoughts that snatch your sacred energy from the gift of the present. And where you are a magnet for your dreams.
You are the one to turn that key.
Why wait any longer if the time is right, now?

The double-edged advantage you'll get from tuning your energy to the rhythm of the NEW!

Have you every tried to sing a song that you didn't know very well? I can guess that very quickly your voice got softer and you gave up.
It's what happens when your body encounters what it perceives as different - it has a reflex response of fear and shrinking back until that glimpse becomes a flash.
It's not that it's NOT trying to reach out to you..

By a process of ENTRAINMENT, you can become a natural match to your heart's desires.
It does take diving just a lit bit under the surface and tuning up the energy engine that is the template on which your body runs!
The result is TWO-FOLD.
Not only does your baggage from the past and resistance to birthing the NEW fall away, but your HEALTH also will improve naturally!
How's that for a WIN-WIN!
C'mon D.J., play that tune.

The secret society that wants you to succeed

To paraphrase Albert Einstein, you must solve a problem from a level ABOVE that what created it.
You can level up from anything through the portal of fun...err...I mean the body.
It is, after all, the place where visions are born into why not start there?

In tribal communities, group support is necessary in the birthing process, to bring the new into life and CELEBRATE as JOY & PLAY welcomes its arrival. You will not be left hanging without support and accountability for your visions.
This will be a space where damages done in the past can no longer pollute your present.
Wipe the energy of betrayal, resentment and negativity and prepare the slate for a brand new life reeling with positivity!

What if your priority is losing physical weight or your situation seems too complicated?

I would recommend the VIP Package as it contains a Health Breakthough Session and weekly insights and check-ins from me. As a naturopathic consultant and intuitive, I can make recommendations and suggest what might help you most where you are now. The value of having someone witness your progress is such a critical part of the healing journey, especially with an area like weight loss. (If you need, you can book additional sessions in a package deal. Just ask me if you're interested in diving deeper.)
It is still very important in the process of losing physical weight, that you drop the baggage emotionally and mentally too. This way, your body is in sync and holds these changes more permanently.

Your baby is THE NEW! and you are preparing to birth GREATNESS.
Are you ready to BRING HOME THE NEW where it belongs- with you?

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“more clarity, peace of mind and understanding of yourself”

Sasha is amazing! She is incredibly intuitive. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve had readings before but this was a completely different experience. She takes you on a journey that is truly “one of a kind”. Not only that, but she hits the nail on the head with each piece of guidance and message she gives you. You leave a session with her with more clarity, peace of mind and understanding of yourself and your own journey through life. Whether or not you’ve had readings before, I highly recommend working with Sasha. You won’t want your session to end. I could go on but you’ll just need to experience it yourself to truly understand how powerful her work is.

Veronica Acebedo (Re-Connective Healing Journey)

“came out of it more empowered...”

"My favourite part was the meditation and how you guided me through it. I also shifted a lot of energy during the meditation and came out of it feeling more empowered. I think your style would work with almost anyone that is ready and willing to take accountability and move into a place of clarity."

Amanda Lyn (Health Breakthrough Session)
John Doe UI/UX Designer

BASIC Package

Get the basic tools to drop the weight of the past and bring your NEW body to life!

  • 3 Weeks Group Support - Course Page Forum plus Facebook Group
  • 3 Videos each week for you to implement: 1 Re-Connective Journey Guided Meditation, 1 Thought & Emotion Releasing Activity, 1 Gentle Breathwork & Qigong Exercise
    N.B.- Each week, we will focus on a different organ group: (1) Adrenals/Stress, (2) Thyroid & Heart/Speaking from the Heart (3) Reproductive Organs/Co-Creative Connections
  • 40min-1 hr Group Call each Week with Hot Seat to answer any questions along the way

Investment: $97.
(ends May 6 at midnight EST **Value: $197.)

No credit card required.
(Just enter the amount in the box)

VIP Package

+ Supercharge your health goals with personalised support- Great if you would also like to work on physically shedding weight and other physical health goals!

  • 3 Weeks Group Support - Course Page Forum plus Facebook Group
  • 3 Videos each week for you to implement: 1 Re-Connective Journey Guided Meditation, 1 Thought & Emotion Releasing Activity, 1 Gentle Breathwork & Qigong Exercise
  • 40min- 1 hr Group Call each Week with Hot Seat to answer any questions along the way
  • 1 Hour Health Breakthrough Session- can be split into two 30 minute sessions
  • 1 Question answered with intuitive insights for each of the three weeks

Investment: $147.
(ends May 6 at midnight EST
**Value: $300.)

No credit card required.
(Just enter the amount in the box)

Frequently Asked Questions

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P.S.:: You are welcome to make your payment for the VIP Plan in 2 payments of $75. each, one on sign-up by May 6 and the other by May 20. 


Yes, I want to start moving with greater grace, excitment and ease while improving my health!
 Choose Basic- $97. or VIP- $147.
(Just enter the amount in the box)

Got some lingering questions? Send me a message, I'll be happy to answer.