Did you know that your business has its own energy, its own personality, its own flavour?

It's totally different from you! Yet, we often go on day by day not remembering this...

And weakening our relationship with it as we entertain ideas and projections from others and follow steps that are not aligned with it!

The result is we have less passion, motivation and drive. And working on business becomes 'blah' and some days, very confusing and overwhelming.

In this reading, I will tune directly into the energy of your business via the Akashic records.

Over a 25 minute video session, I will describe what comes through for you. This typically takes the form of a moving image that you can relate to and understand more easily. I then allow space for your business to speak and for you to ask questions.

You will receive action steps to take to help your business work at its optimum so that you are maximising its performance, results and success!

This is pure, undistilled guidance direct from the Soul, the very essence of your business that will help you: 

  • Get clarity on what's in alignment for your next steps forward 
  • Reignite the spark of passion and drive for your business
  • Forge a deeper connection with its energy and spirit, leading to increased positive manifestations
  • Get more out of your relationship together with increased client flow, income and impact along with a deeper sense of fulfilment through it

    As you reignite this relationship, you will see that you can accomplish the most magical things together!

    Investment is $77.

    (A mini Business Energy Reading is included inside a Biz Tune-Up session, which gives you a comprehensive look at how you can improve your desired outcomes now, with powerful healing and insights to unblock the flow and engage the energies so bigger success is assured)

I am thankful for the Biz Energy Session with Sasha. She makes you feel comfortable straight away. Her calming presence is infectious and I enjoyed talking with her about the struggles with  my business. Before the session, I was unsure where my business was heading but after the session, I had way more clarity and I felt encouraged to finally use my healing gifts and integrate my whole self in my business. Her messages came at the right time and she said exactly what I needed to hear. I worked on integrating more of my whole self in the last couple of weeks and I've been using more of my healing skills. I would totally recommend this to anyone who is needing guidance in their business and is in need of clarity and focus.

Renate Mueller

Intuitive Healer/Coach

Sasha read my Business' energy and it was such a magical experience ! The way she was able to share her vision with me felt so easy, instantly it was in my mind's eye. Since, I've already used that visualization to connect with that energy anytime I feel distant from it. Going in I was afraid, because your business is close to the heart and feels vulnerable but it felt like a safe space to discuss and learn about how to move forward knowing with this new knowledge. A true intuitive !

Raven Wilder

Roots to Alchemy

My conversation with Sasha was very informative and useful. The image she described was exactly what my business is about. Like most people, COVID has affected my business and I was too frustrated to think of a new plan. While talking to Sasha, a new plan popped up in my head and I shared it with her. We both agreed that this new plan would be beneficial. For months, I just gave up, but now I'm refreshed and renewed with a new business plan. I highly recommend her!

Diarra McCormick


Thank you Sasha for a very insightful business reading. You have given me just the motivation I needed to move forward 

Melody Montgomery

Dance Studio Owner

Erika Saint


I had my session with Sasha and it was amazing! I'm very clear what are my next steps and I'm super excited. Thank you so much Sasha for filling of that last piece of puzzle into my picture. Ever so grateful

Chelsea McCormick

Special Education Advocate

Sasha- this was wonderful- it brought tears to my eyes! So much of what you said was spot on and resonated with me!! The cruise ship and the ocean was the perfect imagery and symbolism! Thank you again, this was really special.

Sample of the visuals from past readings:

Ready to give your business some extra love and hear what it is needing you most to know so you can achieve the most extraordinary success in the smoothest, quickest, most efficient way possible and reignite the joy, passion and fulfilment when working with it?

No-fuss, straight down to business, clarity and direct guidance assured.

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