How to Call in Love on Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

If we were to go in a time machine back to the many origins of this day, we will see that it started as a symbol. Indeed, that’s what all days are- symbols. ‘Be my Valentine’ was a symbol of undying love- something we often crave in the outside world.

Valentine’s day is also a time of mixed emotions coming from a sense of lack of love or not having what we deserve. It’s easy to be overwhelmed in the media blitz and feel that we must buy our love, so-to-speak.

This week’s reading touches on the physical – the real, tangibles. In essence, that is how love is allowed to take form around us. Yet, how can we manifest love that reflects the depth of our own hearts?

The first step is to observe the richness and splendour of Leo within You first. There is a Leo within all of us. How will you adorn him/her? You know how you have to put on your own oxygen mask first? Put on your own crown first! This is how you can smoothly use the energies of this Full Moon…to not only survive it, but PLAY with it too!


Then, what does the Royal Highness do, bedecked with his/her finest, most luxurious robes?

Celebration! Sing the song of your own soul- connect to the tunes that feed your heart.

And now you are ready…to manifest your soul love on the outside in whatever shape or form it takes.

Here is this week’s reading:

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