Are you shrinking back from stepping into your most star-studded, exuberant performance in your work?

Would you like intuitive insights and guidance on how to work through the blockages in their energy that prevent them from sparkling and showing up with the magical passion burning within. A guided healing meditation will be included to help you ground and integrate the energies in your body, mind, heart and spirit.

Sessions will be done via Skype and recorded for you.

It's time to come alive with your full energy shining on stage for those with eyes to see.

Are you ready to answer the call of your higher self to step up?

delivered the exact words I needed to hear...

I had a gifted session with Sasha yesterday. This woman is so seriously talented. She gave me a beautiful reading to start the session around an issue i was dealing with. Her insight and guidance team delivered the exact words I needed to hear to allow me to move forward. Sasha has a beautiful calm energy and this reflected in the healing we did at the end. I would highly highly recommend Sasha, for her talent is amazing. Thank you again foe your time yesterday. I had wished we had further time to connect


Our discussion, the meditation and my insights were spot on.

I would recommend Sasha to anyone with health concerns, anxiety or emotional blocks. Realizing when my health concerns started has helped me realized other important things too that are huge. I really appreciated the insights and the meditation. The imagery is firmly with me. My entire reading was excellent. Our discussion, the meditation and my insights were spot on..


Ready to blast away those blocks and tune into to the highest buzzing frequency of you so you can do your best work while enjoying a truly high vibe experience?