Clarity: Find the best solution to your problem in three easy steps.

Let’s think of a problem you may be having – for instance, what is really at the root of your health challenge?

Let’s imagine you had two friends, one is telling you EVERYTHING there is to know about a particular problem. We can call this friend THE INTERNET for there is everything and anything in its memory banks. It convinces you that you need to know certain things based on your preferences, that is, it decides for you what you need and gives it back to you. What you need is not necessarily what you find.

That can be frustrating, can it?

Now, let’s imagine you have another friend. He’s not a robot but a real crystalline-coloured person and he’s the epitome of clarity and precision. Within a moment’s notice, peace of mind can be yours around your particular problem with Clarity around.

Clarity can dissect information and give back to you only what you need.

Painfully-priceless, isn’t it?

How does he do that? And how you can emulate some of what Clarity is doing for you without having to call on him for every problem.

Getting into Clarity’s head requires some decluttering and cleaning out the unwanted information.

Let Go

First, it is essential to let go of what is completely irrelevant to solving your problem.  This may include, in our example, anything from issues around other health concerns to issues around other people. They may be related, but for now, drop the weight of those problems so that you can make room for this one specific one.

Be like a hawk 

hawkSecondly, remember that Clarity does his own research. He doesn’t rely on the ‘facts’ listed on websites or the opinions of other well-meaning friends. He takes two big steps fully into the water, immersing himself in understanding and coming to terms with what is really the problem. You can benefit greatly by allowing yourself the space to think through your problems alone, to just let the relevant data and action steps come straight to you. If you see with the vision of a hawk, great things can come to you. The hawk is also an expert at spotting details that are significant from miles away.

 Rinse, Repeat, Plan

Repeat Step 2, but this time with the advice of other people. This sequence is critical is it allows you to take your power back to decide for yourself first and form your own conclusions BEFORE you allow others to assist you (or not, as the case may be).


Your Clear Solution

Clarity gives you back the information you need in a crystallised but clear form. This is what you can also arrive at when you follow these three basic steps above.

We are living in one of the most advanced times technologically. The Information Age allows us access to anything at our fingertips. But how do we know what is right for us. As in life, we are being encouraged to be more discerning about what we allow into our world.

But with Clarity’s mindset and razor-sharp skills, a lot of frustration and confusion can be avoided.

If you need more clarity around your health and where you may need to focus you attention in your energetic body, you can Make your own Holistic Prescription for free in under 5 minutes! You will see a touch of Clarity’s hand if you take the quiz yourself.


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