Connecting with your Crown Chakra: The Secret to Surrendering to your Soul Purpose

It's no secret that the crown chakra allows you to receive what is termed in the spiritual community as 'downloads' and energetic upgrades. It is the point of contact between the high frequency cosmic energies and the human body, sitting at the vertex of the head. When one's crown chakra is open, that feeling of 'One Love' becomes very poignant and with it comes a deep sense of connection with all life. This can make its voice felt in the defense of the voiceless, diverse groups of people who are at essence, a reflection of ourselves.

Of course, there are some things to watch out for when this chakra is out of balance. We may go to one extreme and have our heads in the clouds without giving a moment's notice to the reality of the world beneath us. This can be self-destructive to the progress of a society as with this energy, we tend to see others as causing undue distress or raising non-issues when life can be so simple if we all just loved and accepted each other.

On the other hand, we may completely out of touch with the cosmos and on the personal level, unable to uncover our soul purpose and trust in the spiritual meaning of things. There may be distrust in life and frustration at the Universe for not delivering things on time. The bigger picture of life can escape our knowing and this lack of trust can really disrupt our inner peace. You may feel like your guides and spiritual allies have abandoned you and even find instances where you feel betrayed and wronged by the Universal Laws especially the Law of Karma. 'Why do bad things seem to follow me when I do try my best to do good?'. This can be a question that pops up from time to time with an unbalanced Crown Chakra.

It is through connecting with the energy of the Crown Chakra and coming into balance with it, we can help ourselves to surrender to the divine flow of life and our bigger soul purpose. It is not only important for the Crown to be working optimally but also the other chakras need to be worked on in tandem so as to support each other. Knowing and trusting in one's divine purpose on Earth is one thing but living one's purpose is a function of all the chakras working harmoniously together.

Would you like to discover more about the Crown Chakra and some ways to unblock the flow to it so you can trust in your divine purpose and the grand design of life? So you can nip self-doubt in the bud and stop second-guessing your path when negativity shows up?

Join me in the Aligned and Abundant Soulopreneurs Facebook group at 8:30pm EST on Wednesday Aug 22 for some adventures with this chakra, including discussing blockages around it, ways to move past these blocks and free mini readings for those there live!

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