Receive guidance from the Rainbow Guides with a Rainbow Reading 🌈

These readings are sure to lift your spirit as you open yourself to the healing and guidance of your spiritual allies from different realms and vibrations. These include the angels, crystals, plant guides, animals, past loved ones and the planetary bodies too. All here together to bring in a different element of guidance that connects with a different aspect of you, for powerful, multi-dimensional healing! Think of it like you're tuning into all the stations on the radio that are sending you messages at the same time to help you step into as much of your fullest self as you can be ON ALL LEVELS possible.

All of these messages will be interwoven for you in a way that makes practical sense for you right where you are right now.

The reading can also be read as a GUIDED MEDITATION that takes you through the landscapes of your guides and blesses you with their healing presence and connects you even closer to them as you honour your sacred contracts.

This is great for those who may feel unsupported on their path and confused about their next steps to tune into the love of Spirit around them, the clarity of purpose and comfort of true spiritual connection that comes with it.

For this reading, you may ask up to 3 main questions.

Your reading will be delivered to your inbox in a pdf format- 1-2 pages long, with recommendations for further healing.

Bonus: Sketch of your guides will be added on (value $24.)

Turnaround time is approximately 3 business days.

Y0ur reading is one that:

  • takes you on a vivid journey through the landscape of your guides
  • eatures an overview of your past, present and future
  • gives guidance for healing and growth in the present…for moving forward
  • can give you insight into any question due to full-spectrum healing
  • is a unique, exciting experience and caters for the real world with tips and recommendations
  • covers one to two related questions
  • is approximately 555Β words of integrated guidance

Woweee Sasha, you have given me an incredible, very thorough message of whats going on, on how to view & review whats happening and where I am going. It all rings true to me and I will re read it and sit with the information as it speaks to my soul. You have helped shed light on my pathway and given me a beautiful message of guidance that I so appreciate.

Cydney Mar

Our journey together was perfect, deer showing up for me in person frequently reminding of the strength that is present even when we are quiet. There is definitely beauty and grace in the silence. Thank you for helping me to recognize it. the guided journey with you is having a powerful and positive affect on me mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Priceless and precious are the words that come from my heart.

Dawn Schweinsberg

My reading with Sasha was exactly what I needed. For the past 2 weeks I’ve intensely worked to build my business and felt like it wasn’t working. I was so excited to have my reading and see what the next 9 months would be like. She was dead on with with my present situation and the healing she recommended (the investigative scorpio). The reading showed me that I was on the right path and that all the drama I currently feel would clear up in the next 3 months. Knowing this really put me at ease and for the first time in a long time, I’ve been able to focus and more productive. I even landed a new client! My world has shifted. Thank you!!.

Monique Welch

Sasha has a very powerful gift. She truly saw and understood me, and she knew so many detailed things about myself β€” like my strengths and tendencies and what I'm going through right now β€” that not even the people closest to me know. Her words made me feel accepted, known, and loved. There was no doubt in my mind that her words were true and from Spirit. Her reading was extremely thorough and detailed, yet it still gave me room to be inspired and awakened so that I could take the information and continue to forge my own path. What a gift to share with the world!

Lindsay Maxfield 
Intuitive Healer,

As soon as I started reading Sasha's email, very soft and supporting energies enveloped me.The content made sense as well as resonated on a deep level. I knew it was Truth. The way the message was conveyed was very uplifting and encouraging. I know I read it often to give me a boost of confidence and utilize the insights to my benefits.I highly recommend seeking Sasha's insights; clear and loving.

Karine Henschen

Thank you Sasha for my Crystal-Eyes Rainbow Reading! Each time I read it, I am filled with gratitude - both for its beautiful message and for the stirring of energy it opens within me. It is exactly what I need to hear, an inner honoring of who I am and a confirmation of where I am going. Reading it helps me shift into a powerful state and I know it will continue to support me on my journey. Thank you!

Linda Lang  

I thought the reading was very accurate. I didn't tell a lot about my background but Sasha knew exactly what was going on. I want to build a business based on my intuitive gifts and that also come through during the reading - without me having told anything! What I loved was the good news on this area and the blessings and miracles that appear to be coming to me. Also Sasha was right about my heart being in a place of healing. I'm working on this consciously and it was nice that she picked up on that. What I also loved were the colours that came through - this is something I can use during my meditations. There was a lot of pink coming through and that happens to be my favourite colour too πŸ™‚

Jetske Heres

The reading was very thorough and accurate; the lion and the fox - WOW, so true as to the 2 different aspects of moving forward and how I am feeling…it’s amazing how you have also picked up the future ...

Keyon Bayani


Receive the support of the Rainbow Guides who operate in different realms and can bring multidimensional support and healing from plants, animals, minerals, angels, spirit guides and planets among others.

Once you place your order, you will receive a note to send me your question/s via this form. Turnaround time for the reading is 2-3 business days. 




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