Dealing with the Shock and Awe of Change- How to make the most of the Post Electrifying Eclipse Lessons (PEEL)

Happy PEEL! You survived the Solar Eclipse in Pisces of March 20, the Equinox, the New Moon, the Full Moon and the Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra. It was the time between those two eclipses though that was most significant in bringing up a long-standing issue/s to the fore. As the Lunar Eclipse is in Libra, there is a sense of finality to some matter of relationships- it’s like a formal closing of a door…in preparation for the incoming New arriving within the next weeks. So far, 2015 has been a lot of preparation for the big shifts to come mid-year.

Here’s what the Astro Soul Oracle has to say about how to deal with these endings (remember that planetary positions are supporting shifts at the moment, so these will feel very fated and natural):

In honour of the intense energy involved within this period, I will relay the Astro Soul Oracle messages via PEEL.

PmeteorThe Power card is the Meteor Shower. This is what the energy of this eclipse season has felt like and has actually been like! This is where the shock and awe comes in- there has been a lot of sudden flashes of insight, revitalisation and inspiration in between periods of down time. There have been major signs and synchronicities that have brought events and patterns that were buried in the full beam of light and under the spectacular reveal that a meteor shower can bring.

E– The burst of Energy that came with the New Moon- Solar Eclipse has set the tone for this cycle that is now ready to birth. It is a remembrance of the past and the fact that it comes around full circle that will help in embracing the changes ahead. Each seed that is planted has the potential to produce sprouts above ground.

You are always given tasters and teasers of what’s to come and bringing yourself back to what was happening in the light of last month’s New Moon can prepare you for the incoming shifts within the next couple of weeks. Maybe you started a new health regime or new way of thinking. Are you ready to fully implement that now? Only time will tell but rest assured, you have help in this direction…and possibly a few more surprise starbursts :).


EEnergy is whwoman-546176_640at is needed to move ahead now. This is grounded, physical energy- that of this month’s solar star, Aries!

You are called to take action in the next few weeks- it is time to shake off the dust and just get on with the next step. You have been in somewhat of a crucible, carefully processing and refining a new mode of being.

But how do you get it out in the world?

Again, the no-nonsense Sun in Aries is your ally here.

Really, what would Aries do? (Hint: don’t think too hard).



L– The Light that emerges now at the end of this Eclipse season falls on the nature of your connections and forming relationships and contacts that are grounded and more aligned with your current values (House of Friend and House of Values). The word values is indeed a loaded one bringing meanings of core values but also the value of things in the way of abundance. This is the Libran Full Moon in action, wanting peace and harmony with others, but also with your own state of being. As you shift inside, you honour that by shifting outside as well and attract more of those inner values in interpersonal relations.

May the planets illuminate your way ahead in the wake of you PEEL-ing away the past.

What sort of lessons have been delivered to you during this eclipse period? Feel free to share in the comments below.

To your sparkling Diamond Health,


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